Breaking News: Rakhi ne Abhishek ko Thappad Maara

Breaking News, Breaking News, Rakhi Sawant slapped her boyfriend Abhishek.

This is what all Hindi news channels were showing today. The same stuff was being flashed on Aaj Tak, Star News and our own India TV, the big time sucker.

Here is the video, in case if you guys want to have a good laugh…

Another example of seeking CHEAP publicity? Rakhi will never understand this I guess…

And apart from that, what are these news channels upto? Comeone, if Rakhi Sawant slaps her boyfriend or sleeps with her boyfriend.. what does a common man has to do with it?

Breaking News!!

P.S. Btw don’s miss the last line.. dono khush hai apne pyare.. lol


  1. I’m seriously getting fedup of such “important” news events on the news channels. That too “breaking AND important” news. What on earth do I have to do with whats happening with her or her life. Media seriously needs to understand the kind of impression they are giving to the people who watch these channels. Is this what India has to show on television? I mean watch CNN or BBC, thats what a news channel is. In India? All they show is some prince getting stuck in a big hole, “LIVE!” “BREAKING NEWS”, someone slapping someone, someone changing boyfriend, someone getting married. I mean why on earth do we need to see all this. And its not just one channel, its the story in all the channels. Aaj Tak, NDTV, India TV, and all these negligent channels.

  2. These channels are for entertainment only, dont take them seriously, and I stopped watching News Channels couple of years ago, sometimes i switch to DDNEWS or ETV news

  3. Kya Deep!

    Why are you wasting time blogging about this? Write something more useful like movie reviews that will at least save some 300 bucks! 😉

    Shit! I just realised I wasted a minute commenting about your commeent on Rakhi! 😀

  4. aha but it was fun.. check the youtube video link, i got so many comment there lol ppl love bitching about rakhi u know

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