Holi Thi..

Sorry, guys posting about Holi late.. can’t post Holi Hai as the day has already passed and my stupid host was down for more than 10 hours today.

So, did you guys celebrate Holi? Till yesterday I was all excited and jumping for Holi but last night some urgent work kept me awake till 9.30 AM in the morning today. So, all the josh gone down but suddenly around 11 AM, friends dragged me out of my bed.. and the result was?

Holi 2008


Megha who was more excited than me, got up at 7.30 AM today.. (haha she is a lazy ass like me, wakes up around 9 AM) and she was the first one to be there at our building terrace.

So, here is the pic of newly wedded couple..

Holi 2008\

Looking great right? haha

Wanna see after effects of Holi?

Holi 2008

Yea, my face is still pink.. Megha managed to wash off the colors but I could not.. (Don’t have her post-holi pic)

Anyways, wishing everyone a very happy Holi. I am sure everyone had a rocking Holi and if you have not celebrated this time, do not miss it next time..



  1. Wow Deep!

    You both look better with all the colour! Kidding. πŸ˜‰

    Yesterday, I saw you and Megha together for first time without all those heavy clothing, jewellery, etc.

    You make a good pair – with or without colours πŸ˜€

  2. Oye! Concentrate on jquery! Read blog comments later. Otherwise you won’t come on time for the meeting πŸ˜€

  3. Aila! :O

    Deep, Megha scolds you in public like this. I can’t imagine what must be happening in privacy! She must be firing you left, right and center! πŸ˜€

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