Krazzy 4 and Khuda Ke Liye Quick Reviews

Some quickies..

Krazzy 4 – Story details here. Those who are expecting this one as a fully comedy movie, hold for a bit, this one is more of emotional than comedy. Not a good mix of emotions with comedy again. (Had mentioned this many times earlier in reviews) Bad songs, unnecessary stuffing of the songs, not so good story (but could have handled very well), super bad climax, some good funny scenes and superb dance number by Hritik Roshan = Krazzy 4. Watch it at your risk. Please don’t make me responsible for spoiling your weekend. [rating:2/5]

Khuda Ke Liye – Story details here. Very good motive behind the movie. Weak first half but very very strong 2nd half though I could not digest few of the things but still much much better than 1st half. Liked the acting of Rasheed Naaz.Iman Ali looked beautiful. Didn’t like Shaan’s acting for some reason, I think he was looking bit too old for that character. Fawad Khan was good but not great. But the movie left a very strong message in the end. A must watch. [rating:3/5]

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  1. I was gonna go for Krazzy 4, but thankfully due to some reasons I couldn’t go, and I’m glad that I didn’t go. No one has given me a good response for the movie. Didn’t expect it to be such a bad film. The only business it will do is thanks to the item songs.

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