Apple iPhone In India – Around September 2008

Good news folks.. just came across an article on rediff few minutes back. Apple is planning to launch iPhone in India. The phone is expected to release in the first week of September. The approximate price range could be between Rs. 27,000 to Rs. 28,000. Vodafone is going to release the phone in India. The price is approximately Rs. 10,000 more than what is available in US market. (USD 399)

And yea, another good news, this iPhone might be officially unlocked.

Read more about it here (Rediff) or here (Business Standard – Original Source)

Update: Airtel also joined the bandwagon of selling iPhones in India – check more info here


  1. What? 28K?? My friend bought it from the grey market, unlocked, for 22K 3 months ago…

  2. I have already got one..I ordered from USA..I unlocked it myself and it is working absolutely fine..

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