Oh my baby, Sreesanth, crying?

My mom used to tell me, Oh my baby, don’t cry beta.. now I guess, it’s time for us to tell this to our own dear monkey man Sreesanth. He cried in IPL match today, I missed the action but I managed to record clip on a news channel. It is said that, Harbhajan Singh slapped him so he cried.. anyways, watch the fun here:


  1. It’s no fun Deep..It’s shame on BHajji..YOu just cannot do that..He has spoiled our India’s name..Till date, there has not been a single incident of physical assault in cricket field..Slagging and abusing are fine but to get physical to throw out your frustration is insane..Yuvi rightly said: “It is ugly and totally unacceptable” ..

  2. The reason for making fun of Sreesanth is, at one side, he keeps on roaring at players, acts like monkey on the pitch and when one of his mates (Indian team) slaps him, the same roaring guy becomes like a baby and cries in front of crores of people (Staduim + TV).

    But now if we look at this from the cricket’s point of view, yea it is a shame on Bhajji to do things like this. This is not the solution for any kind of anger. I think he is gonna get banned for atleast next 10 matches. (That’s what some of the news channels were showing)


  3. Yeah !! I also heard tht he might get Life ban…I really dont want that to happen…Whatever he has done was insane and unacceptable but after all he is our own bhajji..Our own turbunator..He has won so many matched for India single handedly..Just for his service to Indian cricket and also to US whom he has entertained a lot with his classic spin bowling, I pray he does not get a life ban !!

  4. I personally do not think he will get life time ban but yea, 10 match ban should be good and learning lesson too.

  5. 11 IPL matches ban and a fine of 2.5 corers in terms of returning match fees for those 11 matches, must be ban for the whole life like Shoiab Akhtar, idiot person.

  6. lol…I’m loving this…the more crickets gets into scandals, issues, and stuff the more I enjoy. C’mon people move over…there is life beyond cricket too. Football for a start 😛 Start watching it, its much more better.

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