Jimmy Movie Review? Nah, not anymore..

Anyone heard about this movie, Jimmy? I guess no, actually it’s not worth knowing also. But I kind of wanted to watch this movie, not because I was expecting it to be a good movie but just because I wanted to watch macho man with kind of guy with Sachin Tendulkar’s voice. (No offence meant here though, just fun..) Talking about Mimoh, Mithun Chakraborty’s son.

Okay, so I reached the theatre at 10.30 AM for 10.35 AM show, got the ticket.. waited outside the screen 1. Was happy to see that it was still being cleaned up. Waited for around 10 minutes, still closed.

Finally, I asked someone at the helpdesk about it,

I told her – When is the show for Jimmy gonna start
She replied – Jimmy?
I said – Yea?
She asked again – Sir, Jimmy?
I replied – Yes, the movie Jimmy..
She checked my ticket to confirm, asked me to hold for a minute and went inside
She returned back with couple of guys, they all had a funny question mark sign on their face..
One of the staff members told me, Sir, unfortunately, we won’t be able to screen current show..
I asked them the reason for it?
He said, sir, because you are the only one who has booked the ticket for it..
I was like WTF.. there was one more guy yaar..
He replied – No sir, he was for some other movie.. we need atleast 4 people to start the movie..

Now, this incident reminded me of the movie Rocky, that movie had managed to get 3 people including me. But sadly, this one could not do that.

But I am no mood to review and go for it.. (though I am sure, my review would have give everyone a good laughter dose)

Anyways, that was my story.. pretty funny though.. I still remember, Sameer laughing out loud when I told him about it over the phone.. lol

Okay, now if anyone is still interested in the review, please read it on Buzz18 (Pretty funny review)


  1. 😀

    So did you finally watched the movie?

    and, you go in the morning to watch movies that too such kinds.!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nah I didn’t watch it.. in the morning the charges are Rs. 100 and the shows after that have Rs. 200 for the same ticket..

  3. It reminded me of one incident..

    When I was in california, one day I went to watch Bheja Fry..I was the only one who bought the ticket for tht movie..they even got ready to show the movie for me but then i got scared to sit alone in the huge instead, I exchanged my ticket for the movie ’28 days later’..It was a scary movie with only 10 people in the whole theatre..Indeed a frightening experience..

  4. You went to the wrong theater dude… should have gone to the those single screen cinemas.. jimmy is best watched with a stall ticket not popcorn

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