SeventyMM Customer Support almost Sucks

I have been member of SeventyMM for around 1 year. On their website, they have a nice option to add DVDs in the queue and set priorities for the movies. I generally select the movies and once done, I set the priorities and save the changes.

I had used this facility earlier and they had shipped wrong movies (the ones at low priority), eventually they had apologized to me for the mistake earlier. But today, the same thing happened.

I got their email at around 9 in the morning, I called them to confirm at around 9.30 AM. The person on other hand told me the shipping guy has already left, I was kind of shocked to know that they don’t even confirm before sending the movies.

Ok, it doesn’t matter if they don’t have  confirmation system but they should atleast send the movies which are on top priorities right? I asked the person about the same, she said but the movies have been sent and those were already in your list.

Now, this made me kind of pissed off, I simply told her that it doesn’t matter if the movies are in the list or not, you should sent the ones which are on top priority, what’s the point of the priority list then?

After some discussion she finally agreed to send the top priority movies tomorrow but yet she didn’t bother to apologies for the mistake they had done. I really felt as if I am talking to someone in government department. Her voice was more like a killer voice.. haha no I meant, actually killer voice.. like the one we get to hear in government offices. You feel like, you are gonna be killed very next moment.. for what? for calling them for help… haha

I know this is nothing something major but this is surely something stupid on their part. On one side, they keep priority list and on the other side, their system simply ignores it. It really doesn’t make any sense to me.

I am not sure whether entry of BigFlix has affected them or not? I would personally not recommend SeventyMM, try BigFlix and see. But if there is no other option, SeventyMM should be fine.

Note: For those who do not know, SeventyMM and BigFlix are movie rental websites / companies.


  1. My experience is the other way around. SeventyMM was far way better than Bigflicks Customer Care. There was no sync with the Cust Care and the Operations team.

    I also had faced the issue of getting low priority movies also, i never had taken it seriously as long it is in my queue.

    But I had never seen such a poor service as Bigflix

    Eg; This was the order they delivered me Lost Season 1: 3, 7, 2, 1, Complete(after umpteen number of calls to Cust care and CR Manager in Mumbai).

    My Experience with them is explained here:

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  3. Hello Everyone,

    I would like to share my experience with 70MM too…
    I became their customer 4 days ago, and right from the day one, I haven’t recieved DVDs on time.

    Their customer care sucks big time, especially in the morning time, no one picks the phone, and if you cross 9 AM, you’ve lost the delivery on the same day.

    I just can’t believe if they can ever understand the concept of customer care..

    Good there are new players entering.. I would never recomment 70MM to anyone..

    Ashish Rawal

  4. From: J
    Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 1:10 AM
    To: Sangram Patil
    Cc: Sunilnathani; Darshana Shukla; Angelina Mathew; Raghav K ; Subhanker S;;
    Subject: RE: RE: Regarding your memberships with Seventymm

    Dear Mr Patil,

    Your DVD delievered to me yesterday doesnt work at time 27:01 to 32:03 and then again in many parts thereafter…..this is another example of your excellent service… what you to say about this. You know how fustrating it is when you are watching a movie and in the middle it cracks up and stops……..well now maybe you will send another apology note and shut up the case….but seventymm…..really sucks. Can you explain me the reason now?

    Also, it was not only the issue you mentioned below, but DVDs not asked for were deleviered, when i called in they said your membership has expired so we cant take the order, and now see this – DVD you send dont work.

    Now what you want to say about this….crap service of yours?

    My experience with Seventymm in the last 6-8months i have been member:

    1) Your monies are due -when i had paid all the monies

    2) Your membership is expired, so we cant accept your order until you pay up – when it hadnt

    3) Your memberhsip date is July/XX when it was expiring in august (thrice)

    4) DVDs not ordered are delievered and ordered are not

    5) DVDs dont work – do you guys check them before you send us?

    6) Customer Supervisor doesnt know how to read the system and tell the memberhsip expiry date, forget the tele executives

    7) Customer Relationship manager does not know how to talk to customers-can be picked up for a case study on rudeness

    Warm regards

    PS: I have also marked it to your investor so he knows what he has invested into and he gets genuine feedback on his investee companies.

    — On Thu, 6/26/08, Sangram Patil wrote:

    From: Sangram Patil
    Subject: RE: RE: Regarding your memberships with Seventymm
    To: j
    Cc: “Sunilnathani”
    Date: Thursday, June 26, 2008, 8:54 PM

    Dear J,

    Post our telephonic discussion, I had gone through the entire case history and correspondence you had with Sunil. I have found out that there were delays for updating your account due to system issues which caused inconvenience to you.

    I sincerely apologies for the same.

    We are constantly trying to put processes which will improve customer satisfaction and I am sure you will experience it soon. Automatic shipment is one such effort from our side. But that surely does not mean that one can not order movies through phone. You can very well order movies on phone if required, but chances of you getting a movie from your queue if you tryout automatic shipment process(through e-mail / sms)

    In future in case if you face service issues, pls feel free to get in touch with me so that I can get things sorted out as much as possible,


    Sangram Patil | General Manager – Mumbai

    +91 9223170908 | +91 22 66107043

    EmailID: |

    Seventymm Services Pvt. Ltd. |

    C-9, Kasturchand Mill Compound, Dr. M. C. Javale Marg,

    Near Kabutarkhana, Dadar West, Mumbai – 400 028


    From: J
    Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 1:51 PM
    To: Darshana Shukla; Angelina Mathew; Raghav K ; Sangram Patil; Subhanker S
    Cc:; Sunilnathani
    Subject: Fwd: RE: Regarding your memberships with Seventymm

    1) Darshana/Ange – See the email from Mr Sunil nathani below where it is clearly mentioned that the membership is valid till 12/8/2008. Can I have your response on this – why has the system not being updated.

    2) Mr Sunil Nathani – Why do write emails to customers and dont update your systems, see the number of apologies you have written for your shoddy and bakwaas service and still its the same. No change. Please call me and explain me this.

    3) I also need to know the reason why suddenly the phone in system has been discontinued without customers knowledge. Why do we pay 3/- for an SMS. another strange service change.

    4) Also please remove me from your sms service. If i get any further sms from seventymm about anything i am going to complain to TRAI on unwarranted sms.

    i called after 2 months for the first time and the service is as shoddy as always.

    Let me frankly tell you that seventymm is the most disgusting quality of service i have ever received from a company. Everytime there is a problem, dvds not asked for are delivered, sunil nathani talks in the most rudest tone ever to customers, doesnt do what is promised on email, dvds never available for most movies, accounts not updated after payments, the list is endless.

    so i am waiting for my membership to get over and join something better and you know what I am referring to.

    Can i have point by point replies on this.

    Warm regards


  5. Dear all

    Please do not waste your money on ‘seventymm’ – I have had bad experience with them. After collecting the rental, they sent me SMS and email promptly – however, no one either contacted me nor delivered the DVD.


  6. Ref: Membership No: 523957

    Name: Anita Jagtiani

    I received a phonecall in April telling me my 1 month membership is over and they were offering me a scheme for Rs 750 for 6 months for one movie per day.

    I thus paid Rs 750 by cheque no 452405 drawn on HSBC bank on 20/4/2010 for which I have the receipt signed by Mr Mahesh (the collector)based on the above scheme. My scheme is valid uptil 21st Oct 2010 (recvd sms saying scheme extended until Oct 24 due to delay in movie delivery)

    Since one week I have not been receiving my movies.

    I called up customer care and spoke to the following 3 people: Prabhakaran, Asha and Chinmay on 3 different occassions.

    Though all 3 said they would be delivering a movie called Ek Ajnabi the next day, I still haven’t recd it.

    Finally, I was told that my movie quota was only for 15 movies hence they could not deliver any more as the quota is over. I was astonished on hearing this as when I was signing up for 6 months they told me I was eligible for one movie per day on this scheme.

    Then I spoke to the warehouse where I spoke to Mr Santosh who told me that Miss Philomena is looking after my account. He gave me the number of Mr Jasbir (09738740525) in Bangalore who would rectify the error. He was not available yesterday so I called up again today at aproximately 5pm. One Mr Sahil picked up the phone (he refused to give me his full name) – he has said he will rectify this error to reflect that I will receive one movie a day as declared by your scheme and will call me today by 7pm to confirm the same. I am awaiting his call and I hope this error will be rectified asap. I have been assured before that this will be done to no avail and hence I am writing to you.

    I urge you to look into this and rectify this at the earliest.



  7. serajuddin ansari (siraj) 03-Nov-2010 at 12:43 pm

    i got call from seventymm by ruchhi, on 28th oct.nd she convincd me about product,nd she said if u r paying 2day the services will be start from tommorow morning,means from 29th oct.and she also said this services is only for tody, so i paid money wich is Rs.600,bt whenever i call her, she alws said sir evening me ho jayega, if i calld evening,she replied sir tommorw morning me ho jayega, after 3 days i fad-up n i replied that stop my servicess i d’nt want any services from your seventymm,and VERY VERY POOR COMMITMENT OR SERVICES OF SEVENTY MM mob. no. is 9899494695,(ms ruchhi)

  8. this site SUCKS big time , they never deliver your order and the customer sales representatives are a bunch of good for nothing chimpanzees on earphones

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