1. That is the most outrageous thing i have ever seen.my blood is boiling.U never know… he might ask everyone to change their surname to chatrapati shivaji.i swear…F****idiots…Maharashtra might see the history repeating itself…Is the shivsena leader the Idi Amin of 21st Century??

  2. Yea actually we are going backwards instead of looking upwards.. but I guess, that how politics in India work.. pretty sad face of politics though.. still long way to go..

    About the Mumbai Meri Jaan.. haha to be frank I like Mumbai word more than Bombay but after all these things I purposely kept it as Bombay.. haha

  3. I love the name “Bombay” ..
    just hate “mumbai” …. blody shivsena

    Deep you company name will be “chatrapati 1 shivaji” insted of “Web1 Solutions” lol

  4. A lot has been said over the name but think about it from an outsider’s perspective, it is so confusing. Is it Mumbai or is it Bombay? Or is it that people have not changed the old name tags?

    To me personally name hardly matters call it Mumbai, Bombay or Sharingkapoding it will still be the same place. It’s not the name that makes this place what it is. So whatever the name is keep it same at all the places, looks better.


  5. My take is, when it comes to City, State or Country, there should be one name.. be it Mumbai or Bombay, anything is fine. But when it comes to company names, hotel names or any personal stuff, no one has right to change anything.

    Take example of Bombay Dying, it’s a brand name, no one can force you to change it to Mumbai, just because Bombay is known as Mumbai now.. it’s kind of stupid. I do not understand what difference will the change name make in the economy? These politicians always want themselves in the news.

    The law is weak, the guys who handle law are weaker..

  6. Deep
    I get your sentiments but one thing keeps playing in my mind, Why is the Bombay Mumbai change being targeted and why do we keep on harping on only Mumbai. Afterall there are other places too where names have been changed, Vadodara, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Tiruvanantapuram. Why is Mumbai the centre of everybodies attention. Maybe because Mumbai is the big Indian dream…..I dont know. Afterall as you say whats in a name? Mumbai Bombay all the same. Then why are we falling for the politicians trap. The politicians have succeeded. I think we are giving undue attention to such things happening around us. Maybe we should just ignore this and move on, or take up the cause and do something about it, lets not just indulge in idle talk and fall for the poiliticians tricks. I hope we realise soon that we are Indians first and then Maharashtrians, Mumbaikars, Bombay wallas or whatever. Hopefully all the citizens of this GREAT country will start doing this soon.

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