Sarkar Raj Movie Review

After Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag, many people said, Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) should stop directing movies and all.. and many swore not to watch another movie of RGV.. but I must say, the ones who swore about it are surely at loss.. they are gonna miss this good piece of work..The movie was GOOD..

Okay, let’s jump to the plot..

It’s pretty much straight forward, a political plot, 2 guys always thinking about well being of Maharashtra, trying to help the power company to setup a plant in Maharashtra.. it’s about how they get trapped in a political circle and how they come out of it..The movie shows dirty games of politics.. and things were quite shocking too.. atleast for a common man..

So let’s cut the crap and talk about the movie.. review it..

Well, if you are gonna compare this one with the earlier part, then Sarkar wins the race by quite a few miles.. I do not mean to say that this one was bad.. but Sarkar was the BEST and this one is GOOD, strictly good..

The first half was pretty much slow, the director spent most of the time in exploring  Shankar (Abhishek Bachchan) and people around him but things could have been bit more faster. The movie caught the pace around ending of the first half..

Some of the moments in first half were remarkable.. specially the whole scenario of Sarkar’s birthday.. it showed the real Sarkar..Sarkar who is out there for people.. another one was when Shankar and Anita (Aishwarya Rai) goes to Thakurwadi (A village in Maharashtra) to explain villagers about the power plant.. the conversation they had there was fantastic..

Okay, so now 2nd part…many twists and turns.. and a very big shock.. which no one was expecting.. 2nd part was not as slow as 1st one but towards the end it lost the speed again, bit of slowness, may be it was required from the director’s point of view, may be it was required to show the reactions of Sarkar but I think for normal people, it wasn’t required.. I noticed the reaction of few people around me.. including my wife.. also I did not like the climax much.. I mean, the political cycle was perfect but the main character responsible for the whole thing was something which did not fit well in my mind..

I really liked the camera angles. .just way too good, the lights.. everything there was perfect.. awesome cinematography.. the music was good too.. though it wasn’t something which would make you buy the CD and listen all the time but it was perfect for the movie, where music takes the backseat and the actors take the front..

On the acting front.. Amitabh Bachchan Rocked.. it would have been impossible to make Sarkar without Amitabh Bachchan.. no one else can take his place.. the expressions.. simply no words..

Abhishek Bachchan was good too, pretty impressive, like he was in Sarkar.. Aishwarya Rai was pretty good.. I mean, no flaws at all in the acting.. be it Amitabh Bachchan, be it Govind Namdev or any other character with tiny role.. everything was perfect..

Director was perfect except the slowness, which could have been taken care of.. but that does not make the movie bad.. a good movie but not as good as Sarkar.

So overall, I would rate this [rating: 3.5/5], a definitely worth watch and also worth adding the DVD in your collection..

On the box office front, looking at the house packed collections, I can see it reaching Hit status very soon..


  1. The movie sarkar raj disappoints..laced with slow editing and cardboard villains..i dont think that apart from a couple of scenes, there was anything that cud stand out.

  2. i loved the movie a lot, i think the scenes, idea, plot, cinematography was well thought and well implemented, i could see Ram gopal verma using idea of “void space” in this movie ( also used fantastically in sarkar part 1) there was sort of “vacuum” or “nothingness” in throughout the movie.. in the story, in scenes, in dialogs..

    the frames of every character were bold, most of them showed nothing but black dark patch of shadow on 80% of screen.. the dialogs were delivered but many times camera focused on something else.. it forced you to imagine and fantasize about the plot.. and i think it was amazing.. not many bollywood movies have done this to me! the supernatural light coming in from the windows, the silhouettes of characters made absolute sense for the movie.. the whole movie got a sort of “novel” like character.

    i am not sure if RGV was inspired from some other movie for the setup, but i appreciate a lot what he did for this one, its good to see bollywood making some sensible stuff.. looking forward for better ones in future..

    btw deep, try seeing “sincity” by frank miller, one of the brilliant movie using high light contrast and comic book effects. fun movie to watch!

  3. Bad movie.Ash is always hanging around shankar or subhash even to hospital???she doesnt have any better work?When time came about convincing the project in the beginning,there was nothing?…camera angles were dark and bad. too

  4. Watched the movie and i must say, a good movie worth watching. I think everyone missed out on loud and clear message of Satya, Company i.e. Crime pays…. a definite worth watch

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  6. I just watched the movie yesterday on DVD. I thought it was quite boring initially, but loved the second part of the movie. The plot was really good and I guess it truly reflects how politics is really played out.

    RGV’s direction was quite good. I really liked the way he’s shot it. It’s more of a Director’s movie than an actor’s.

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