GTA IV and Me..

In the morning around 11 AM you are driving your car in the city, suddenly someone calls you up and asks to meet at friend’s garage, you meet the person and you are asked to take that person to some place.. and you follow the instructions..

Other day, you are asked to date Michelle and you do not miss the opportunity, take her for bowling and finally try your luck.. you get success after trying out couple of times..

Okay, now you are back to your city drive, kill few guys to get some “extra” money, call 911 for urgent help, kill ambulance driver and drive away with it just for the free dose of meds. You have free fun with hookers (who gives 3-4 choices lol)

Well, that’s GTA IV all about.. fun, pure fun, you are walking on the road, take any car you want, pull the driver out and run away with it.. be it a limousine (Sucks at handling) or any cab or  may be a bus or a bike, sports bike.

I have been glued to my XBOX 360 for last few days and I have never found so interesting game till now. Just amazing game. Love driving around the city, playing with the cops and running away..

Now GTA is becoming more interesting, my very good friend John has been giving me daily tips on GTA over the messenger, I try new things daily and have fun.

Trust me, if you do not have this game, go and GET IT.. 100% paisa vasool


  1. Girls.. dont ever buy this game to your guy.. they will stick to it as if thrs nothing better to do in the world other thn this …

    huh.. :s

  2. Deep, do u just play around with the cops or do u do the missions too? if so where have u reached? I killed dimitri’s pal in morning and gonna kill him soon for betraying….

    when I get killed and reach hospital, I get in it after getting lots of guns and armor (u can get them cheap from little Jacob after u become friends) and start shooting ppl in there and when cops come inside the hospital to get me I get in cover mode and throw them some grenades, lol….

    Megha- u should start playing GTA IV too, its fun 🙂

  3. Megha – Love you babe 😛

    John – I do missions too, as we spoke in the evening, I have managed to chase that supplier. Finished couple of jobs after that. Gonna play more tonight.

    Megha – I love you again 😛

  4. Deep- I have now access to the second island…and met new new camera phone…interesting game.

    Michelle likes me so much…she keeps calling and asks why I don’t call her…if only she was real, lol

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