Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na Movie Review

I know, I have been pretty lazy in writing reviews. Missed the review of Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic, was gonna miss the one too but finally got some time to write down the stuff.

Ok, the plot.. very simple actually, very predictable story too. Story is about a group of college going friends, 2 friends are very close to each other but never realized that they are in love. And when they do, it’s pretty late but there is always a happy ending.

Ya, I know, I am very bad at storytelling, check here for detailed version of the plot / story.

Okay, done with the initial steps, Now the review time.. my favorite.

So what’s good about the movie?

Genelia!!!! She simply rocked, she looked so beautiful. She acted pretty well too. The direction, the execution and the acting. Each and every actor was perfect. Imran Khan, the new kid on the block, full marks, he perfectly fit in the character of Jay.

The music, superb stuff. Hats off to A.R.Rahman, no one can beat him. You might not like the music much when you hear for the firs time but it slowly grows on you. 

The dialogues, really loved the dialogues, so young.. really liked the L and GPL thing in the beginning. There is some kind of freshness in the movie, be it dialogues, characters, music.. everything is so fresh, so natural. I have noticed people laughing like mad, the guy sitting in the next row was even jumping on his seat.

So what’s not so good?

Well, the direction and the execution. But those were good points right? Yea, but in some places I found few things being added unnecessarily. Take example of characters of Arbaaz and Sohail Khan. Even Naseeruddin Shah’s character was bit stretched. But to be frank, those college going kids actually loved those things. So it’s gonna work for them.

The climax, though it was predictable but some kind of twist would have been great. I am fedup of those airport stuff.

Apart from that, everything was perfect.

So, overall, the movie was pretty good. I would rate it [rating: 3.5/5] A must watch. College going kids are gonna love it.

On the box office front, I can see it reaching Hit or Super Hit status easily.

And finally, one important thing.. Pappu Can’t Dance Saala.. haha


  1. I too caught up with the movie today, and agree to what has been said here.
    Dialogues were certainly a strong point.
    All the characters lived up to their expectation but story was a bit weaker in the second half.
    Overall a movie definitely worth watching on the big screen!

  2. i simply didnt like the movie..
    i will rate it 1 or may be 2 .. just for the sake of it ..the actress does not know how to act… she was literally doing over acting … and non of the dialogues were worth even smiling .. i was really really bugged for and feel like wasted money on it…
    utter nonsense…college students will like this crap….

  3. A must watch?? After seeing your rating, I thought it would be a good movie, it turned out to be a super crap movie.

    I have a feeling I might enjoy Love Story 2050 more, lol

  4. John – haha, I have been telling you for so long, no point in watching Cam prints.. they edit the movie left and right so that it fits in one CD and also print is crap.. spend 200 bucks man..

  5. I was looking forward to this movie, but thanks to the house fulls I couldn’t see it this weekend, will go for it the coming weekend.
    PS: Deep says Genelia was good, and Megs says otherwise 😛

  6. Print was ok…enuf for such movies 😛

    like Megha, I dint like the movie….actually I dint see whole movie…saw a bit more than half and quit…coz I just dint like the movie…I think I know what happens in the end…

    The best friends fall in love? lol…I have seen others movies with this same story…

  7. Just watched it. And to me its just a reasonable movie. Nothing special to rate it 3.5/5 i agree to Deep that aam junta will going to love it. It has all the ingredients to hit the right cord among aam janta. But no way this is more than 2.5. Direction is pretty OK, keeping in mind that it is a movie by a first timer. Acting too. its natural, i don’t know why Megha didn’t like the actress’s acting(if u can share ur comments :)). And last, Rahman’s music is good rather very good as always.

  8. Nice Joke Mr John… u like Love Story 2050….my goodness..what a taste u have ???

    Personally I feel.JTYJN is very good..feel good movie…I liked the songs very much…and thanks to ARR

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