Democracy? LOL



Well, this letter was sent to all the shop owners in our area.. this one is regarding the rule of having shop names in Maharashtrian language. The rule was passed by BMC in 1960.

And this letter?

Well, it was sent by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS).

So what does this letter say?

You would have understood if you know to read Marathi. But for the ones who cannot understand Marathi.. here we go..

(I am translating the whole thing, specially the highlighted areas as a summary.)

By not putting your shop hoarding in Marathi, you are insulting Maharashtra & a common Maharashtrian man, which is a sin / not legal. On behalf of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, we are giving you period of 1 month to put up the boards in Marathi. (As this law was already passed in 1960)

And if you do not change your boards in Marathi and do not speak Marathi with your customers, we will make sure we teach you Marathi in our terms and I will personally take care of the things.

If you do not take this warning seriously then we will make sure that how to tackle you. It’s better you understand this and implement in a month, otherwise we know how to handle the issue.

I am not able to understand who authorized them legally to send these kind of threatening letters to anyone.

The things they have mentioned might be right but the way it’s been put up is completely wrong and unethical. And apart from that, our current ruling government is allowing this kind of “dadagiri”.

I am really worried about the future of our country, every political party is running behind the votes. No security for a common man. And I am not even sure, how a common sensible man will vote for them? (After seeing all these things)

And we call it Democracy.. haha

If you wish to read whole letter, then do check it here


  1. this is a threat in clear words… i think you must go to the shopkeepers organization and finally to police, please do not tolerate this. the government is closing their eyes and ears over this for a long time and this stuff is surely an offense and deserves a legal challenge.

  2. Dharmesh – thats what I told her to go, but she said, it’s better we put up in small letters rather than going against these goons.

    Others – Sorry guys by mistake the comments got deleted by me.

  3. now this is seriously crazy stuff…how can the government let such things happen. I mean instead of improving, things are only getting worse. Seriously is this what future has for us? Its a scary place to live in then I’m afraid.

  4. This is Outrageous!…
    I mean That Raj Thakrey/ Uddhav Thakrey combo is sending wrong message to whole country…
    I am sure if all non-marathi people will move out of mumbai/maharashtra there won’t be much left.
    And I am sad to see government is quite on this.. why? Ain’t these people acting like a terrorist group by sending warning letters like this?
    This isn’t Democarcy.. This is dictatorship by someone who ain’t even king.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more. After this incident, no Indian will ever tell that India is a democratic country! They can’t do this to the non-maharashtrians.

  6. Tell me one thing.. Where should Maharashtrians go to speak marathi if not in maharashtra ????????????

    How Marathi ll Stay alive. not only marathi, Gujrati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Oriya, Malyalam, Assamis, Manipuri, kashmiri ???????

    if marathi is not in maharashtra, gujrati is not in gujrat, tamil not in tamil nadu, oriya not in orissa, kashmiri not in kashmir, …. where we should go with our state lanugages ?????? Canada, USA, UK, where should we go with our languages…. do even understand what is democracy????????

    your kind of ppl still call mumbai BOMBAY coz u r still Ghulam of british. but mumbai is azad we call it marathi its not ghulam of britishers anymore.. coz we cant forget thousands of ppl gave lives to make it free.. and idiots like u still call it BOMBAY and teaching ppl democracy….

  7. Boon – If everyone speaks Marathi in Maharashtra, Gujarati in Gujarat, Punjabi in Punjab.. then how Hindi our Rashtrabhasha will survive? haha What I am trying to say is, any language cannot be survided just because of speaking it.. the language is part of the whole culture.. and that is what we need to focus on.. not the small things..

    As being an India, I am free to use any of the Indian languages but YES, Hindi should be first priority in any state… it does not matter if am Maharashtrian, Gujarati or Punjabi.. the country should come first..

    About calling Bombay.. now tell me one thing, what difference did we make after changing Bombay to Mumbai? Any growth in the economy? less people died? NO.. nothing.. it is just that politicians got satisfaction.. it does not affect a common man..

    The thing is, we should be more worried about serious things rather than silly things like this.. and we should SERIOUSLY start thinking about OUR COUNTRY rather than STATES..

    And next time.. use proper language.. no point in acting like kids..

  8. to deep

    [Edited by Deep: due to abusive language]

    mumbai is part of maharashtra
    if after independace i am not suppossed to speak in my mothertounge means all marathi speaking people are not at all free

    marathi has no chance to survive and grow in the present scenario

    why should we speak hindi in our homeland

    all langauge people decided to come under one roof in 1947 and non hindis are not allowed to speak their langauge in day to day social life means what

    this is big conspirancy to propogate hindi as national language which is actuaaly not by this way north indians can send there populations (as there family planning programs are not conducted only in nonhindi states fammilyy planing is conducted effectively) in non hindi state specially maharashtra as it is soft target (many resons for being soft target) and sayinng again and again that any one from country can anywhere in india (actually maharashtra)

    in public life in our homeland we have to speak hindi and if we are going to bimaru state then also we have to speak hindi that means our langauge should remain as as one small household dilect

    if any one can live anywhere the people like deep etc (anti marathi) can we enter your house and stay there means i hope it is in india

    also it is manadatory for hindi speaking state to teach non hindi indian langauge but that is intetionally kept aside

    in future in india there is going to be civile war between non hindi and hindi as hindi people aree forcing thier langauge by (many ways) and treating non hindi as if secondary citizen of india specially if that person is not able to or willing to speak hindi

  9. Prashant – Since you have raised exactly the same issue which the previous guy (Boon) and infact, I replied to him too which I again, I think you missed it..

    Anyways, here we go again..

    No can deny you speaking in your mother tongue, no one has right to do so.. but at the same time, we too don’t have any right to force anyone to speak in a single language….

    If you feel, no one has right to force you to speak what they want, then I guess the other person too has right to think the same way right?

    You are free to speak, write in any language you want.. no one can stop you..

    If you don’t want to speak in Hindi.. it’s fine… don’t speak in Hindi..

    You have replied to this post in English, not because you don’t like writing in Marathi but because you prefer to use this language in writing purpose.. so the same way, for some people, Hindi is better or English is better in speaking.. it does not mean that they hate Marathi..

    This is democracy right?

    And also, I seriously have no idea from where do you guys get all these civil war between hindi and non hindi people.. put the brain in the constructive things guys..

    These politicians will make the brain corrupt.. this hindi – non-hindi issue was not there since ages.. it has started since last 2-3 years..

    Just see the world with open eyes… no one hates Maharashtrain language.. but people hate the politics which is being played on the name of the language..


    P.S. I am not going to allow any more hatred comments here.. only meaningful discussions allowed..

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