Singh is Kinng (King) Movie Review

1800 prints, Akshay or Katrina present at almost all the events happening around the world. Radio stations promoting the movie like crazy. These guys even bought some movie reviewers to give 4 stars. (Read: Taran Adarsh) So, is it worth so much of hype? Well, this review is gonna help you to find it out 😀

OKay, so the story.. well, there is nothing great in the story, started well but the whole thing stopped in between and like a blind man walking on the streets, the story also jumped here and there..

Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar) is someone who always wants to help people but unknowingly things go bad all the time and due to this all the villagers plan to kick him off from the village. So, they make a plan and send him to Australia to bring back the don Luky Singh (Sonu Sood) to their village as don’s parents are not able to live without him. So? Well, our happy singh happily goes to Australia, lands in Egypt by mistake first though.. falls in love.. reaches in Australia.. and tragedy.. this Happy Singh becomes the King.. the Don.. No, nothing serious out there.. all fun.. And the same typical love triangle and all starts..

Okay, I guess, that was enough to give outline about the whole movie.So now, let’s move on to the review.

So, how was the movie?

Hmm.. it started off with array of bad scenes.. atleast first 10 minutes were kind of boring.. then it became pretty impressive till the interval. Akshay Kumar was superb, few comic scenes were just way too good. (Specially the fan one.. I am still laughing over it)

2nd half is more of typical stuff.. something what we see in other movies.. bad guys trying to become good guys, some love triangle and all that crap… but again, few of the comedy scenes were just superb.

Let’s cut the crap, tell me how was it in simple words?

It was a strictly OK movie, but there was lot of scope. Execution was really bad, many unnecessary scenes. (e.g. blind girl scene was simply stupid, couple of songs were also not needed) The movie was at it’s best in comedy scenes but it all messed up when they added some emotional stuff… though they tried a lot to put in comedy flavor in the emotional things but somehow it did not work.

In short, the movie was like a bumpy ride, sometimes it was at very high and sometimes it was at very low.

Akshay Kumar simply rocked.. After Shah Rukh Khan, this guy takes the place.. he can make any bad movie a hit.. (We have seen that in Welcome) Katrina Kaif was OK, she looks very cute though and simply gorgeous in Teri Ore song..(Looks great in that black saree) Om Puri was good, Sonu Sood didn’t have much to do but he was perfect for the role. Javed Jafri was OK, few of his scenes were very good but there were pathetic scenes too. (Specially the dancing moves one towards the ending) I think, everyone knows that he is a good dancer.. no need to show him dancing in all the movies. He should simply stick to his character. Rest of the starcast was good.

Music was pretty good, 2-3 songs were very good, Teri Ore takes that first place.. evergreen romantic song. The title song by RDB and Snoop Dogg was pretty good too. Cinematography was top grade, great locals.

Direction was OK, like I said earlier, many things could have been improved, many unwanted scenes could have been cut. Also, the movie needed a good Editor, some of the songs were simply bumped into the scenes.

Okay, so overall, the movie was pretty ok, nothing great. I would rate this movie [rating: 2.5/5]

But I am sure this movie is gonna be a superhit or even a blockbuster. Aam Janta might love it and it will have a good business abroad and in Punjab. (Specially UK)

So, if you wanna have some caramel popcorn and Pepsi, then go for this movie and enjoy the popcorn.


  1. What do you mean after Shahrukh Khan, Akshay takes the place? In mkaing bad movies hit??

    I disagree.. Akshay cannot save anything other than a comedy.. he failed with action in Tashan.. Failed with romance in many..

    I would anyday choose Aamir and Hrithik over these guys.. Aamir’s last few movies have been top class!

    btw i liked Singh is King first half.. Second half was bad..

    3 / 5

  2. Yet to watch the movie though so can’t give ratings but if this is the case then vipul shah is following ramu’s path after giving such a huge hits in last few years if storyline goes nowhere then its time for vipul shah to rethink before producing.

    But yeah singh is king has already earned a lot (and counting……) from music and they are expected earn a lot from movie as well.

    I am fan of Akshay so I won’t comment on him without seeing the movie. I haven’t seen tashan yet and don’t want to even.

  3. movie rocks…akshay is simply superb in his sardar avatar!

    shahrukh or even actors like aamir do not have the courage to portray a singh’s role…its not just about putting a lot of make-up and doing chocolaty roles man…akshay has done a superb role in the mov…

    mov is all and all full of entertainment…akshay you rock…akshay is kinng!

  4. Ashok – Welcome was bad.. Hey Babby was bad.. but Tashan was worst 🙂 So we know the results for Hey Babby and Welcome.

    The key basically here is, create lot of hype around the movie and have a huge promotion plan lined up.. in short, be at every possible place.. we had seen this with OSO… though the film was bad but the promotions helped it and made it a huge blockbuster. Same thing will apply to this one too. (Though it is much better than OSO)

    Aamir is a top class actor, same for Hritik but at the same time Akshay is a great actor too.. I still remember his role in Sangarsh. These days he works pretty well in romantic comedy movies, so he is doing more of it but he should fit in any kind of serious roles too.

    Soham – I had gone for the preview release.






  6. Deep, Nice review. I think it gave a “total picture” about it. I guess it’s an entertainer for Akshay fans right?

    Got to watch it, my folks are all smitten by the promos, so no “escaping out”.


  7. I enjoyed first half,but after interval its boring. singh is kinng not good like other movies of Akshay kumar as Welcome or Hey baby. Akshay not rocking like his other hit movies. i can say its not totally paisa will take time to become king of bollywood 4 Akki but he will takeover SRK’s empire soon.

  8. sandeep grewal 08-Aug-2008 at 6:43 pm

    Moivie was over all good……

    * first half was realy very good…

    * second half was ok ok….not so good..

    * end of the movie could have been more beautiful..

    * akshay superb..mind blowing…

    * katrina sexy n hot…..

    * singh is king has more scope…

    * but still the movie rocks….

    * go n enjoy the movie…..

    * i will give movie 3.5\5

    half mark for katrina i love her…

  9. Excellent movie, great entertainer of the year, will do wonder at the box office. akki you are graet, and looks good in turban. Great comedy. Go with your familt to see this movie, complete entertainer. 5 STAR.

  10. Hi Deep,
    I completely agree with you. Akshay is great actor. I mean, I have seen akshay in waqt (with amitabh and priyanka). He has done superb role. And I like his comedy timing too. Hi Ashok… you are saying about hrithik…have you seen “Main prem ki diwani hoon” and “Muzase dosti karoge”????Just waste of time man…I just wanted to say hrithik is a great actor with dashing personality and quality acting but he has become popular with few movies. Let him work for decade or so like akshay and then we should compare him with akki. BTW I am planning to go for SIK this weekend.

  11. Deep totally Agreed with you, I loved the role of Akki in Sangarsh. Also, how can one forget the calm Dharkan. Akki is good but to say he is best is unfair with Aamir, Hritak, nana and to some extent with SRK (Chak de India, Swades and little role in Sathiya).

    Can’t comment on movie as still unable to find time to watch it.

  12. Nice review. I love Akshay’s acting & comic timing. Well as far as this movie is concerned, we Punjabis will make sure that it’ll break many records 😉

    Singh is Kinng! Yeah!

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