Don’t play music in your car or….

WOW!! sounds stupid right? Hell, yeah.. it is stupid. But not for Mumbai traffic police. They decided to put ban on playing music in the car.. WHY? Well, for the safety of the drivers and to avoid accidents.

According to them, there are high chances of getting distracted if you are listening to the music in the car. No, I am not talking about loud music, this stupid rule applies to soft music too..

Still don’t believe me? Check it yourself on Mid-Day site here. Quoting part of the article here:

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic, Suburban) S M Sabde said, "Talking on the mobile phone while driving distracts the driver. As does listening to music." He added that those guilty of playing music in a car will be fined Rs 500 under Section 190 (2) of the Motor Vehicles Act, which deals with violation of standards of road safety, control of noise and air pollution.

Why did the cops suddenly decide to crack down on music? "The law always existed. All we are doing is follow it seriously, to prevent losing innocent lives. I have already instructed traffic policemen in my jurisdiction (Mahim to Dahisar) to be extra cautious about such violators. We will come down heavily on them in the coming days," Sabde reiterated.

And it’s not just loud music that will call for a fine. "The driver will be charged a fine, if he is found playing music – loud or soft." Sabde said.  "Music is a hindrance to safe driving. The driver cannot hear the horns. Paying attention to music could lead to accidents," he concluded.

So, stop playing music in the car.. and start obeying to this STUPID rule.

The scene in our country is, if couple of top guys feel, something wrong according to them, they make a rule for it..

It’s really bad situation currently in the country, it is ruled by these illiterate idiots . We really need to wake up and do something.


  1. Mr.Sabde,you are not a member of parlement to decide upon what rules should be made for the city and local people,please keep your problems at home,dont get it in public,i think you need to see a doctor as you are a sick person from your life history

  2. I guess loud music could infact distract the driver.. He could fail to hear horns which could lead to accidents.

    But i guess they should make this a rule only for LOUD music which can be heard outside the car and also only during nights.

    In mumbai the excessive traffic leads to traffic jams, the driver should atleast be allowed to listen to music during those times..

    Here there is no such rule, hope it never come 😀

  3. What will people do with the costly music players they have installed in their cars? Sell them to the police walas!

  4. is it lifted??? and i thought its still available in some places… only recently we bought the car stereo, and whenever music was played, i was like, oh god, what if some policeman/traffic people hears it and make us pay fine n all… 😛
    stupid me na.. hehe

  5. this was rule brought in even in Bangalore. But, like all other well meant things it was never implemented well.

    Guess, the radio wallahs keep the MP happy so that it is not implemented.

    But, I agree, too loud a music and its a distraction especially in Mumbai, where the honks & other noises are a constant.

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