A Wednesday Movie Review

10.40 PM show at PVR.. it’s already 10.20 PM.. my food from the nearby restaurant is yet to arrive.. I don’t want to miss the beginning.. but I also do not want to miss those yummy American corn enchiladas.. Toh ab.. kya karega Deep? Kya wo.. khana kahega aur movie jaega.. 

Aah.. enough of crap.. I decided to take that pack of enchiladas in hand and decided to eat while driving.. (Yea yea.. I know drive safe thing.. my wife was feeding me :P) But trust me.. I was waiting for this movie for last few weeks… this one was the 2nd most awaited movie after Mumbai Meri Jaan (Which I did not like much..)… had very high hopes for this one as it had superb actors like Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher..

So was it worth doing all the above thing? Hell.. Yea.. it was.. here we go…

The story is very simple.. an unidentified person (Naseeruddin Shah) calls up the police commissioner (Anupam Kher) and informs about 5 blasts in Mumbai. In exchange of the information of bomb planted areas, he demands release of 4 terrorists from the jail. He gives very short period of time to act (couple of hours) and in that time, the police commissioner has to decide the fate of Mumbai.

So, sounds like a common story? Haha.. yea it does but it is certainly NOT.. I am not opening more cards as I want you guys to watch it without fail..

I really loved this movie.. just amazing one.. not too long.. not too short.. no crap scenes.. they wrapped up the movie in almost 2 hours.. everything was just cut to cut.. nothing additional.. nothing less.. just perfect. The movie had few comic scenes too but strictly limited to the plot.

Also, the movie had many hard hitting scenes.. specially the ones which belonged to Jimmy Shergil.. (Yea.. he can act too) He had a very serious role in the movie.. A strict police (ATS) officer… everyone is afraid of this guy.. no one dares to utter a word against him..

On the other hand.. Anupam Kher.. a police commissioner.. a very calm and really smart person.. never acts in hurry and knows what step to take and at the right time..

Naseeruddin Shah.. BRILLIANT is the word. No one can beat him.. He is portrayed as a simple man but very smart.. knows what tools to use, how to fool police.. he has got his great network setup of collection of SIM cards, laptop and all on the top of the terrace.

Apart from these 3 actors.. rest of the guys acted well too.. (the news reporter and other police officer – sorry don’t recollect the actor names)

So, overall.. the movie was simply FANTASTIC.. really hard hitting.. leaves a very strong message in the end.. perfect direction.. editing.. everything was perfect.

I must say… this one is one of the best movies I have seen in the recent times..

A definite MUST WATCH.. [rating:4/5]


  1. Amazing screenplay, best plot of all times, gives Indian audience time to think about us and our country…

    The performances were splendid by senior actors as expected, direction was intense and thrilling…

    Concept is where audience need to catch up… It is the time to think… about us, our surroundings, our neighbours, our friends, our relatives and on the esteem Mother India. We should look for anti social elements and does just our part in keeping us safe, which in turn can keep everyone safe…

    This movie is really eye opener for the COMMON MAN, saying that he is the responsible citizen of a country in the nature he takes action to execute. But “REALITY IS MUCH EASIER THAN THIS”… how… “JUST KEEP YOURSELF ALERT AT ALL TIMES AND LOOK FOR SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES AND ALERT OFFICIALS”..

    JAI HIND..


  2. wednesday is the day of commonman.,this day is way of common shows pain and power of simple man who fights in his own way agst terrorism,violence,injustice with coolness but hottest inside.he loves peace,progress,safety,common man.he want to live good lovely life.he also cares for others goodness.he is not stereotyped simple man,he is stupid commonman,yes he may be stupid in the eyes of majority but it is real wisdom and positivity.good direction,acting,casting,story,production,continuity,cinemetography..perfect team work.good messageful positive film.congrats to SHRI NIRAJ PANDEY AND ALL CONCERNED.I AM Author scriptstory song writer,stage tv is my dream to create good positive movies with entertainment and good message.congrats to wednesday unit.regards-durgesh oza author artist rajivnagar narsang tekri PORBANDAR 360575 gujarat

  3. Excellent movie with excellent performances. A must watch for everyone. The movie deserves a 5 out of 5, really nothing is out of place in the movie. Everything is just PERFECT.

  4. movie is excellent.brilliant cast.anupam kher.naseerudin shah,jimmyshergil performed rate:5/5.don’t miss it.its short movie but the best movie after a long time.hats off to movie makers.

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