Unemployment or Unprofessionalism?

I think I had discussed about this earlier too but the same topic comes in my mind always and my mind always wants to speak out about it all the time..  and I am sure it’s not just me.. many employers like me must be facing same issues..

These days I have been looking around for a senior level designer and PHP programmer. 

The earlier designer guy left the company due to some personal reason..  I do not have any issues if someone leaves the company, everyone wants to grow in some or other way and I totally respect that but I really hate when someone behaves unprofessionally. I get the notice from the guy.. 20 days’ grace period starts.. so obviously as an employer I will expect the person to finish all the pending work and come regularly so that we don’t miss out the things..

But that thing never happens.. the person comes at 11.30 – 12.00 in the morning.. leaves office at 7 in the evening.. spends more time in personal matters and my work remains the 2nd priority. The guy also manages to bunk couple of days..

I mean.. what the fuck is this? Is it professional enough to do like this? No but people still do..

Let’s leave that example apart.. now here is the better example…

You call up hundreds of people, out of that around 10% turn up for the interview and around 10% gets selected.. i.e. only handful of guys… so, we finalize on the one guy.. the guy feels insecure seeing around 5-6 people working in the office.. so we decide to sign a contract just for the sake of it.. Okay, we sign some funny contract.. the guy is supposed to join in next 20 days.. you call the guy somewhere on 15th day.. he never picks up…. you call up again.. he never picks up.. and you start following the same routine thinking positive.. but the guy never picks up.. so, you call him up from a different number.. someone picks up and tell you that he is sick so won’t be able to talk..

Okay, so you get some kind of smile on your face.. thinking, he is REALLY not keeping well…. you call him up after 2 day.. again.. no one picks up… you call from another new number.. the guy finally picks up and assures that he will call back in 5 minutes..

But those 5 minutes never end.. and still going on.. and one fine day.. you get SMS from the guy saying, he won’t be able to join my company coz he got job somewhere else..

Now this is what I call A FUCKED UP SITUATION..

We wait for the guy for almost a month, stop interviewing the new guys and this is what you get? This kind of unprofessionalism.

I have seen many guys joining the companies and then leaving the new company within 2-3 days.. why? coz they get a better offer..  Many guys start going for the interviews within 2-3 months after joining the new company.. again, the same reason..MONEY…

I don’t understand why these kind of guys don’t have any professionalism? They have blooded signed the contract, given a word to someone and then too they switch company…

Is money so important? Or we have lost our ethics?

I am not saying this just because I have faced this kind of issue..but this issue is a general issue, happening with everyone..

There is bloody NO unemployment.. there are enough employees but there are only handful of good ones..

There should be some kind of global black list to prevent this kind of things and maintain ethics and professionalism.


  1. Wow. This is an eye opener. Its true that employees usually never step into the employer’s shoes before making a decision.

    However, I must say that all this was probably started by employers only. Consider the following case:

    – A person appears for an interview and qualifies
    – He is probably the perfect guy for the position
    – When it comes to Salary, he is currently underpaid as per market standards in his existing job
    – The new employer will exploit this and instead of paying him what he really deserves, will give him a little appreciation and continue underpaying him
    – Why can’t they just pay him what he actually deserves?

    WTF is the employee supposed to do in such a case? He is forced to look for other options/switch again to level up to his peers.

    I think if the employers start paying well, all this will come to an end. Why do you think companies like Google, Adobe have extremely low attrition? Brand value is important, but at the end of the day, everything comes back to the take home salary.

  2. Hi Setu,

    You are right on the point of many employers paying less than that candidates deserve.. but these days empoloyers are paying more than what the employees deserve but yet employees are not being professional.

    You won’t believe but I had signed up a basic web designer for bloody 4.5 lakh p.a package.. he was getting somewhere around 3.6 or something..

    But I guess.. this will continue for quite sometime looking at the demand for the skilled employees..


  3. Hi Deep,

    The guy who dropped 4.5 lakh p.a offer seems to be a dum guy. I would suggest better hire people like me who would even give a committment of minimun 2 years for a lakh less then what that guy was offered with a promise to work hard be it 1st day or last day in office with punctuality 🙂

  4. yeh.. and sometimes you feel like making your own blacklist for such candidates and put thm in news paper so tht they learn good lesson….

  5. In short, your wait for good staff is still going on.

    Well, the problem is with mindset, people always like to work with big companies, no one likes to work with SMBs.

    when i finish my grads, i would love have work with you. i feel you would be a great employer:D

    Best of luck, keep growing:D

  6. I really hope the reason the guy never turned up and started to behave so insane is because the company is a Small Business, but what the heck… why do people even get scared by seeing the company size?

    I would anytime choose to work in a small company and gradually grow my skills! I recently got recruited in a company after my post graduation and the size of company was small (12) but what I really felt going ahead was their trust on my talents and able to work without pressure!

    I liked you suggestion of having a black list! Ha Ha.. they would certainly learn some lesson for sure!

    Its not UN-EMPLOYEMENT .. its UNPROFESSIONALISM thats making the situation of youth and employees worse! Hope it changes sooner! Grrrr

    – Vinay

  7. @Setu – I don’t agree. Offering less salary does not entitle people to be unprofessional. IMO there is a communication problem in India (I know I shouldn’t be generalizing). Once you found out that this is not the job you want to be in, call the employer and inform them that you are unable to join the job (you can give whatever reason if you don’t have courage) but at least inform them in a timely manner.

    If you think the offer is under paying or you are concerned about the company size – just talk. Tell the hiring manager what your concerns are and what exactly you are looking for. While talking to potential candidates, I realize that they are not happy about the company or the compensation. They don’t say anything. When I ask them if they have a question or concern, they still don’t say anything.

    From what I understand, the reason they don’t say anything is because they want to “keep the job in their hand” just in case they don’t get a better option they’ll join the company.

    To Deep and other employers: This is a generic problem with the society and how we Indians are trained (have backups!) It will take time for things to get better. Till then, you can try to read the candidate’s mind and determine a chance that the chosen candidate will join the company. You too need to have backups to fall upon. Also, keep in contact with the would be employee. “Signs” will tell you if he/she will join the company or not.

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