The Kite Runner – A MUST WATCH…

I was supposed to be sleeping at this hour but can’t stop myself from praising this movie. My head is almost spinning… not in so good health but again.. I just can’t stop myself.. coz I want everyone of you to WATCH this amazing piece of work..

The movie is about a boy (Aamir) who grown up in Kabul and moves to US with his father.. (after Russian attack in 1978).. the movie basically goes through many phases..

First one shows his childhood, relationship with his father.. best friend (who was servant at his house) and how few things affects his relationship with his best friend..

2nd phase shows more about father and son relationship..

3rd phase shows how Aamir goes back to his roots, Kabul.. what makes him go there again.. (the place he never wanted to visit again)

The movie also throws great light on Afghanistan way back in 1978 and in 2000.. it shows the freedom, the purity it had.. and way back in 2000, it shows how Talibans made a heaven.. hell..

I was really moved by many scenes of the movie.. not even a single word spoken between two persons but the expressions say it all.. it just shocks you…

The movie was nominated for Oscars and was very well acclaimed by critics. It is basically based on a novel written by Khaled Hosseini.

The actors were simply fantastic.. specially the child actors.. special mention for Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada (Hassan in the movie) and Khalid Abdalla (Aamir).. Khalid was fantastic in United 93 too.

I would strongly encourage you to watch this movie and post your views in the comments..

Some of the important links:

IMDB Information
Official Site
Kite Runner banned in Afghanistan


  1. I would recommend this movie as well but after a few research I found the book read was more important before the movie as few scenes have been altered in movie.

    One of the best movies I have seen and already in my favorite list! The child actors were fab! Splendid job!


  2. Saw the movie.. Awesome it is.. Really amazing.. I too watched the movie at around 4 in the morning.. head spinning and all.. but it was totally worth it..

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