Maza Maharashtra… Hamar Bihar

There has been discussions going around for quite sometime over Maharashtra and Bihar issue.. infact one of my posts on this issue got really aggressive comments too but the debate does not end here…

Couple of days back. MNS activists attacked railway examination centers / students claiming they were from Bihar and Maharashtra students should be given the first priority… and they claimed that, there were no ads given in the newspaper about the exams..

But reality is quite different.. the ads were already given by the railway authorities.. the ads were given in Marathi dailies Loksatta (Mumbai, Nagpur) , Navbharat Times, Hindustan Times, Indian Express etc.. but for some reason MNS guys thought there were no ads.. so they decided to attack the exam centers..

The point of this topic is not about what MNS did.. but I am trying to bring forward the aftermath of the attacks..

Nothing much happened actually… a student died, many got injured..

The very next day… police arrests Raj Thackeray, before that.. he dares the government.. these are some of his statements:

“Arrest me and be ready to bear the consequences….you will have to regret”

“If Raj is arrested, entire Maharashtra will be set on fire”

And actually this kind of thing happens.. after the arrest police beefed up the security but that too did not help. The goons started attacking everyone around (video).. they burnt few trucks.. damaged few taxes.. they even managed to burn the bus stop..

In short.. as per Raj’s statement.. Maharashtra was set on fire..

Now, this was about Maharashtra.. Bihar was slow on that day but today I got news that a train coach was burnt in Patna.. (apart from the attacks on other properties)

So… now the point is.. MNS guys claim that they love Maharashtrians and they are fighting to protect every Maharashtrian.. Agreed… but what happened to them while attacking the locals? The trucks… the taxis.. rickshaws.. even the bus stop… so, were they used by only north Indians? None of the Maharashtrians were using it?

Or what was the logic behind torching a train coach in Patna… none of the north Indians were using it?

The common man is suffering in this politics..these politicians brainwash young guys and uneducated guys on the name of Maharashtra and Bihar…

Apart from all these issues.. the main question still remains answered.. what will railway authority do if Maharashtrian students do not apply for the exams? (The ads were already given in the local papers)

The government should simply ban the parties conducting violence and police should use third degree torture for these guys so that this kind of incidents does not repeat.

Wake up Maharashtra.. Wake up India


  1. just hang them … and finish off the story..

    thr must be no parties … only one ruler … that is government …. as in one person the head of the city … thts it … we dont want to vote these kind of terrorists …

  2. 1.
    You have to burn taxis and buses and train coaches. If you don’t – how will you get the press to pay attention to you?

    Maharashtra is a racist state. Have you ever been stopped by a cop? Chances are very good he will let you go without a ticket or even a bribe if you speak in Marathi and say you’re from some Maharashtrian village.

    So everything MNS does – it does bring them more votes. You may not like it. I may not like it. But the general Maharashtrian public loves it because – they will get special preferences.

    Our Indian constitution itself is faulty. As it set a precedent and gave permission to give special treatment to some classes of society by creating the schedule tribes quote.

    The constitution should lay down the law – all Indians are equal. No special treatment to anyone. That would get rid of a lot of these difficulties.

    But which politician has guts enough to try and even amend the constitution?

    The way to prevent MNS is not by arresting Raj Thakrey. That will just create more violence (as we have seen). The way is to arrest his minions. And make an example out of them. Give life sentences to 10 of his minions. And see how Raj’s force dwindles.

    Ah but only if our politicians thought strategically.

  3. What’s happening to India seriously? I have been following your tweets and blog posts lately and only find things have been turning from bad to worse. These damn politicians should be stonned to death, they are the main reason why so much of mess is happening around.

    What’s government doing anyway? Are they even taking steps to stop this violence or joining these ill-minded politicians?

    Seriously, India needs to wake up! I’m tired of hearing stories one after the other about this political crap!

    Peace Out!

  4. i support the mns cause against anti-discrimination but i don’t support there violent ways. btw, the protesters were not MNS people but common angry marathi speaking people who took the streets today. not raj’s gundha’s like the TV says. i like to look at the root of the problem and a problem which our north-indian news channels have cunningly ignored to telecast to argue about – unemployment in bihar/UP.

    i think a state or any state is only equipped to handle it’s own baggage. if there are people coming in then there should be equal people going out. a balance has to be maintained. the administrations of UP and bihar have failed to provide jobs to it’s own stock and which is why the stock considers traveling to other states for jobs. the people to blame here is not raj thackray or MNS or north indians… but it’s the administration of these two states who are to blame.

    but since lallu controls the railway ministry and SP holds the UPA govt. together any actions against them is very unlikely. finally, it also shows the discrimination and vote bank politics played by the UPA govt. the common marathi voice speaks. no it screams.

  5. @lurker, Bombay is financial capital of India, the Industries present there are selling their product/services to all over India, you cant stop anyone to work in Bombay.

    [quote]i think a state or any state is only equipped to handle it’s own baggage.[/quote]

    By your logic, no Indian should go to USA for Job or developed district of Bihar and UP should not allow people of under developed district to come their or villager should not go to the city in search of jobs.

    Bombay is developed because of its strategic location, Bombay is not for only Marathi it is for all Indians.

  6. I agree with the comment of Ashok. Bombay is Mumbai today not really because of Marathis but because of Parsis and Gujratis and also the contribution to teh whole country as a whole to make this a financial capital. These bunch of idiots taking Bombay as a seige and trying to break the cosmopoliton nature of the great city.

    I think it is time for the Govt of India to defy all hue and cry and declare Bombay an Union Teritory like Delhi. Then these b*****ds will get their lesson learnt. Move Bollywood to Hyderabad. The industries set up there are with money from million shareholders accross the country and globe…..there are hardly any industry by a pure Marathi…so what they are talking about.

    See the “Marathi Hero” Raj Thakery’s actual face here….

  7. First off all Very happy dipawali to all. After a very busy week, I have taken out some time to read deep’s blog. I read something in the news and also on some blogs that Raj Thakray is here to divide maharashtra, he has broken the law, some one even said he should be arrested under 302. Now the main question is ..what is really happening to Maharashtra government.
    Let me just give you some of the key facts. Railway exams are held in the various regions. That means the state in which they are held, local guys belong to that region should get those job Or They are specifically for them. Then why other state people has to come here as exams are already conducted in their state. According to me this is the basic question.
    Now let me give you one simple example. Let us consider an apartment lets say Vardhaman in Mulund. First they conducted cricket championship matches:
    Will they allow other society members to participate??? Simple and obvious answer is NO. Let’s say the committee of Vardhaman decided that lets allow others to come. Obviously the local Vardhaman guys will disagree to this. I don’t have to explain WHY. Ok they agree…Now say there are three Vardhaman teams and 100 outsiders team have come . Obviously Vardhamaan guys will think ..are it is my society …why others are coming here.
    OK. Now the height of this is all umpires are from verdhamaan society and they are cheating…they manipulated all the decisions and they helped others team to win. Even they gave man of the match and other important awards to non-loacal team members.
    Just imagine what will be view point of all Vardhaman teams. OK. Now Vardhaman team members committee wrote letters to the main head for stopping this nonsense, as all this is simply unfair to local guys… right??? But head never answered to their letters just because by doing that he will loose some money or some awards (may be anything). Now tell me what the Vardhaman teams will do after three years. They will simply stand on the gate and they won’t allow any outsiders. Now this is right because according to me they have done this for their own pride.
    My God Story has become bit long. But conclusion is same as what we saw for railway exams. Last year out of 55000 marthi students only 54 passed the exam. This year out of 125000 marathi students only 84 passed the exam. Now tell me non marathi people…… is this fair?????? Don’t tell me marathis are dumps. Because this ratio can’t be like that at all.
    Now the main facts. 1.Biharis were sent back to UP from Goa. 2. In asam 14 biharis were killed. 3. When patna – to – tiruventuram train were announced , the local public refused that. 4. Even Shila Dikshit of Delhi once said it’s the biharis who are responsible for all mess in Delhi. 5. In Karnataka when loads of biharies were emplyed all kannadas appeal for that and no one said a word in parliament about that. 6. Railway publishes the cctv footage of “Pawan Kumar’s” death which CLEARLY states that it was an railway accident. And some said hang “Raj thakray for pawan kumars death“ (I am still laughing).
    No one said or written anything about this. Just because no one listen to DaDaGiRi of biharies in other state. Its only in maharashtra. I want to say something . Why don’t you open your eyes and see that Marathi student are working hard for these exams (I have seen my friends who are in my village)… when some one manipulated their results for the f****ing politics… you have never seen a tear of their parents. Please… Please… Maharathrian govt Wake up and do something for marathi public. They are the public which voted you. They are our own and we should always do something for Our Own public ……. am I right?????

  8. @swapnil, When constitution of India allowed any Indian to work any where, who are you to give your ill logics. Who stops marathi to search for jobs in UP, Bihar or any other part of India.

    Why you stop only worker to work their, why dont you stop Industrialist or MNC’s to come at Mumbai.

    Why you afraid from competition from UP, Bihar people, compete with them and get the job, beating them in your hometown instead of competing in exam shows your mental level and mental ability.

  9. Are Ashok, I am not saying outsiders should come or not. I am saying 54/55000 or 84/125000 is this the ratio you seek for your local guys. No one will support “outisiders betaing issue“. Bu if your brother or sister is appearing for exam are very sure that she/he will clear that and u got to know that that they are failed. Then you will realize. I am not supporting Raj Thakray for “beating issue” but what he is saying is right. In Maharashtra if I am speaking about Maharashtrians then no one should blame me… right?? And by the way Ashok these outsiders has just messed my city as well. Let me tell you, you will not see the condition in which they live. I must tell you Ashok, outsiders come here in maharashtra they live in a hell. These leaders make their illegal houses legal for the votes and then you are gone as you don’t have any other option as they are legal. First one guy come from outside.. he is ready to do whatever work u give him and @ lower rate. Then he sends money order to his state and after some years when he has his own house (legal). Then he asks his family to come.
    Do you allow others to live in compound of ur building??? Your gatekeeper will simply kick him. Why… Constitution of India is saying live wherever you want naa??? Lets not talk about this coz we are not doing anything. But when it will come to our children or our next generation, at that time I am sure we will do something. I think Like other state (Karnataka and others) we should also open our eyes (maharashtrian) and lets have 80% of quota for the local guys in any exams let it may be railway exams or others. Let us think about Maharshtrians first then we will think about others to be very straight forward. Because I don’t want 55/55000 or 84/125000 .
    Ashok Jet airways employees went to Raj. On the same day there was Sharad Pawar in the town , Prafull patel in the town (Shaivaji Maidan from which Raj tharay’s house is just five minutes). Whose is government is this??? But then also jet employees selected Raj over these big shots. I think we should think on this…

  10. Going with the same logic I think the Marathi NRIs should be kicked out from the respective foreign countries and most importantly Raj should be kicked out from UAE(a muslim country). See the times of India link and find out what big business interest he is having in UAE and still he is a muslim hater.

    The height of hypocracy…..and ‘GundaRaj’

  11. Guys.. calm down.. let’s discuss in a appropriate way.. The points Swapnil raised has some logic.. though I am yet to go through them in detail… but let
    ‘s be mature and discuss..rather than using abusive language.

    Will reply to all the points in a shortwhile.

  12. @swapnil
    If you want to says exams are rigged, then take legal action, go to the court. Just because Marathi not get selected you cant say exams are rigged and start beating who got selected.

    Ashok these outsiders has just messed my city as well. Let me tell you, you will not see the condition in which they live. I must tell you Ashok, outsiders come here in maharashtra they live in a hell. These leaders make their illegal houses legal for the votes and then you are gone as you don’t have any other option as they are legal.[/quote]

    Agreed they live like hell, so what you want to do with them throw them to Indian ocean? Every poors life is like that, give them job, improve their living condition, instead of cursing them, beating them.

  13. Swapnil – The points you raised are valid but here, the question is not about any private society, but it is about the states which are evantually part of the country and not owned by anyone.

    But let’s go with your example…

    Let me give a real example..

    In Maharashtra, Railways conduct the exams, many people apply from allover the India.. out of that 55K are from Maharashtra and only 55 Maharashtrian people pass the exams… this happens all the times…

    Now, there are 2 points behind this:

    1. The students are not capable of passing the exams
    2. The authorities are deliberately giving very low marks to Maharashtra students

    Logically, point 2 makes sense and should be (if the figures provided by the parties are correct.)

    Okay, so what the solution to fix this?

    again 2 solutions…

    1. Beat up all the students who have come for the exams
    2. Reach the root of the cause and nab the guys who check the papers incorrectly…

    Now, let’s go by point 1 first…

    We beat up the students.. so that they don’t come for the exams… but does it solve problem? No, it does not because the culprits are still there (the guys who check papers)

    They are unhurt, no action has been taken against them.. so they will continue their process.

    The students will stop coming for sometime and then the whole process starts again… and then the anger between the communities will start..

    Today, Mumbai police shot one guy from Bihar who opened the fire in the local Bus… he was shouting slogans against MNS and all.. here is the link:

    This was a reaction from a guy.. now what if tomorrow, these kind of incidents happen now and then? Will MNS come to save Mumbaikars? Who are responsible for these kind of incidents? Maharashtrians, Biharis or these political parties like MNS? Have you noticed these kind of things happening before this?

    Now, let’s get back to my example and point no. 2, where they find that examiners are not giving fair marks to Maharashtrians…

    So, now, we nab the examiners, use sting operations or whatever to show the truth to people and then make sure that the papers are checked properly…

    So this way… the ones who are passed in the exam will get recurited on the basis of marit. Nothing else…

    The problem is solved there itself.

    Swapnil, if we work on the basis of, Biharis can’t work in Maharashtra, or Maharashtrians can’t work in Bihar… then whole country will get divided… tomorrow, other states will follow the same kind of thing and the day will come when we will have Maharashtra as a country, Bihar as another one and all the states will become more like countries where people will require passports to enter.

    The move of MNS is 100% political.. they are doing this to gain votes and brainwash people…

    If they were so much bothered about Maharashtra.. then why they are not fighting for the issues like Load Shedding, Vidarbha farmers, poor road conditions in Mumbai, traffic jams.. and many more…

    People are fedup of above problems than the bihari issue…

    By doing these, they are hurting Maharashtrian and Maharashtra…

  14. Great post Deep! Very sorry to see the news and pictures of this sad incident. Really pains.

    Bad for the country…..

  15. What about the GUJJU/Sindhi and what not quotas in colleges…. Ive yet to see a marathi quota college … Talk about that now….

  16. Saikat, Ashok, Deep,

    Under the name of India’s unity, you are under-estimating the sentiments of maharastrians. Don;t you think so?

    We welcome all peoples from all parts of India, but the once who are extremely needed for the development of Mumbai, development of Maharashtra and for the development of India, but we don’t want peoples who just don’t have any skills and coming to Mumbai and to Maharashtra for making it a hell.

    It really looks tough when we see peoples living on the street of Mumbai, living in garbage area. At one stage, we are dreaming to create a Mumbai a Shangai, and at other stage, these people just comes in tons from UP and Bihar and creating a significant problem to local peoples and also straining the situation of Mumbai.

    I don’t know why many of you (non-maharashrian) are acting against marathi peoples. Why you don’t want to talk about the government in UP and Bihar, about the unemployment, about the law and order, about the worst situation in UP and Bihar. Why you are not making noise against these issues? Why you are giving excuse that Mumbai has been created by non-maharastrian and marathi peoples have no contribution in it.

    Till 1980s the Mumbai were having about 50% of Marathi, 30% gujjus and 20% others, now it seems like the marathi are reduced to 25%, gujjus to 10%, and others 65% (thanks for peoples from UP and Bihari).

    Don’t you people feel like you have thrown out the owners from their house? and now when owner tries to retain their house, you are making it as a issue.

    Same situation in happening in Pune and after few days you are ready to say that Pune has been developed by non-maharashtrian and then the same will happen with Nasik, and then other cities of Maharashtra.

    Till this point of time, you don’t ever look at UP and Bihar, let these state remain undeveloped, backward and let these peoples come here and throw out the owner from their home.

  17. Mangesh – Tell me one thing – how do you define the difference between uneducated non-maharashtrians and educated non-maharashtrians… and how do you propose to allow only educated ones…

    Also, what do you mean by We don’t want people who does not help in development of Maharashtra? by We, do you mean the, LAW describes such kind of restrictions? Or you meant to say that YOU or some party does not want it?

    About being non-maharashtrians and not respecting Maharashtrians and all… how can you even say that without knowing anything about the individuals? In my firm 90% of the staff is Maharashtrian.. I have hundreds of Maharashtrians and as well as other cast people living around my area… (the ones I know of course).. and I dont understand why this question even comes in mind when the topic is about a simple debate of hitting out north indians or for the matter non-maharashtrians….

    Just go through the points I have raised earlier and let me know your answers..

    If you do not agree with anything, justify the points and put forward your opinion but there is no point in going in for a personal war against anyone here…

  18. Hi Mangesh,

    The way you replied is well taken. But you know the logic what you say about Mumbai belongs to Marathi and others not ‘not welcome’ is not really right… the extent that Mumbai always had that cosmopoliton way of life and a dream city.

    Remember Mumbai today been made by people all over the country and also outside, so it differs from other Metros like Chennai, Kolkata. Infact I would say it is like Delhi. Probably Mumbai should have been an Union Territory. Bombay was an independent state till 1960. And later became a part of Maharastra.

    If someone(Indian) claims Mumbai it should be Parsis than Marahtis. The finance and the well being of Mumbai are for the varoius industries (including bollywood) owned and managed by non Marathis and mostly contributed by non marathis.

    Anyways, your point of dirty and all these are yes, some concern for civic which needs to be taken care in a different way.

    Today you might get a job in Mumbai(thanks to the industries by non Marathis). Think what you will do if people like you need to move to other states say Bangalore. There are lakhs of Marathis working in Bangalore IT sectors. Will you support if tomorrow Kannadigas kick and throw you out of Bangalore?

    I am not going to the extent of saying how many hypocrites(marathi NRIs) supporting this voilent divisive cause, themselves taken away the job of the people of that country(cheap labour)so US or UK whites should kick them away?

    What do say?

  19. Deep, Saikat,

    Don’t misunderstand with the the word “We”. “We” does not mean that i am a true representer of Maharashtra, and i am only concerner of Maharashtra. Just to create a sentence i have used it. Please be more wise to understand it.

    Now about your concern with my statement.
    I would disagree with your word “North Indian” and also many of the medias used this word consistently and repeatedly. Only UP and Bihar is not a North India. There are other states also who represents as a North India Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and many other.

    But you will find the people coming to Mumbai and to other parts of Maharashtra are maximum from UP and Bihar, and these peoples are coming in tons just to earn few bucks which they also know is not good enough to make their own livings and also of their family, but only just they don’t have any other options in UP and Bihar they are coming here. So it does not mean that they don’t have any options in UP and Bihar, they has to come to Mumbai and to Maharashtra to create a threat to jobs of local unskill peoples.

    I am from Pune, and i have seen that many of the UP and Bihari are coming here also and what they work. They work as a hawkers, ricksaw drivers, and do many other unskillful jobs. Now these unskillful jobs can be done by the local people also and they are doing it. But now since these peoples(UP and Bihar) are coming here, they are ready to work at any circumstances, in extreme conditions in low wages just to complete the local peoples. Don’t you think it is unfair? Means what is happening now, all the unskillful jobs are going towards UP and Bihari’s and local peoples are getting unemployed only because of competition in low wages.

    If such situation happens everytime then how a low wage people will earn his livings and how they will improve their status of living. In US, Europe, a grocery seller earns lot of bucks that he can live a very good living and over here only due to unfair competition the local peoples and also the outsiders coming here has to live in hell.

    Now these local unemployed peoples jobs are getting hit by outsiders and due to this you will see what is happening around (according to you North Indians are getting beaten up), but according to me this is a reaction.

    About Saikat concerns,

    Well you have raised a very good point, i definitely would like to answer it.

    I am good IT professional and if i want to go to Bangalore i would like to love it. But after going to Bangalore, i will not make Bangalore a hell, but i will try my best to create it a heaven.

    Definitely if i move to Bangalore i will be getting a very good package, and according to that, my spending will happen in Bangalore, i will try to keep my standard of living, my status, and doing so, i indirectly will be helping the local unskill peoples to make a earning on me. I don’t want to go in detail, but you need to understand what i want to say.

    But at the same time a unskill person goes to Bangalore and tries to work as a hawker, how much earning he will earn? and will he be able to generate indirect jobs?

    Why US has restricted Indians coming to US from India through H1B Visa? So there is no question of kicking Indians from US or UK, because these countries needs highly talented people to develop their own country, they don’t need unskill peoples from India coming to their country to create a threat for their country’s peoples.

    I think you peoples have got your answer

    Here I would like to change your thinkings. Don’t think unilaterlly, think bilaterelly. Think from both the sides.

    And thinking from both the side, i have come to the conclusion that UP and Bihar government should need to take the lesson from what had happened in Maharashtra. They should need to take it seriously and should try hard to bring industry in their state, try to educate their peoples so that they themself can create jobs in their own state, try to keep law and order situation in place.

    Just making sound against Maharashtra government against what has happened in Maharashtra is not a solution, but to create something positive from it is more important and is a solution.

  20. Mangesh, I am still waiting for your answers to the comments I have posted… I have already provided the solution to this problem.

    Also, I had forgotten to mention one point.. in Mumbai, there is major problem with Bangladeshis too.. from what I know, around 22% of Mumbai’s population is covered by (mostly) illegal bangladeshis…

    So, what do you think about this? Still giving legal Indians first priority? or we should aim to kick out illegal people? haha

    There was another point about UP guys driving taxis and rickshaws and due to which Maharashtrian guys are not getting employment there…

    I quite don’t agree with this point.. from what I know, anyone can take a loan from the bank for this purpose? No one can stop any Maharashtrian to drive rickshaw or taxis? Same logic applies to Fruit vendors..

    If these political parties really want the solution, they should simply work on stopping the corruption rather than hitting out on poeple…

  21. Deep,

    I don’t think your logic is a logic, it is just your understanding, and what you understand does not mean that other should.

    Also you are ready to leave in hell rather than heaven just to make your logic right?

    Why you don’t agree that these peoples are coming in tons (not in Tens, Twenties…but in Thousands and lakhs)! and putting lot of pressure on Mumbai to make it uncomfortable…Don’t you think it should stop at some point of time or atleast needs to reduce. To make this successful you have to do something and that is what you are seeing around (UP and Biharis are getting hitted up by marathi speaking peoples) ! Got your answer and mind you there is no other way other than this. Because no one hears your voice, there is no system available that will help to make the thing smoother.

    And i know you don’t have any logical answer to my questions that i have raised…

  22. Mangesh – If you feel my points are not logical, then prove how they are not logical.. all kind of feedback is welcomed.. by simply saying not logical does not work here..

    Understand the points I have raised.. (from the posts to the comments)

    I am yet to get answers to your statements like allowing only ppl who help in development of Maharashtra.. how do you define 2 different class of people and how do you propose to restrict?

    Also, how do you think, hitting up people will solve the problem?

    About living in hell.. I am not sure what do you mean by this… do you mean to say that, these UP guys who have come from Bihar are making Mumbai hell and these corrputed government officials, police, politicians are adding up to the beauty of Mumbai?

    Just understand the whole system first and then argue.

    I will reply to your next comment only if you are ready to justify why you do not find my previous points illogical and what better solution you can propose.

    The points are have raised are simply defensive. They cannot be applied in practical solutions. (i.e. hitting outsiders)

  23. I think Deep is asking very good points. However, if I remember right, this Bangladeshi issue was correctly pointed by Balasaheb some 7/8 years ago. During that time I was a great fan of Balasaheb… he used to speak guts about pro Indian and not really region and language.

    About the claim of Mangesh of creating indirect employment and making the place heaven etc. actually falls flat as i have seen the reality of Bangalore.

    I stayed in Bangalore for 8 years and I have seen how a city can be raped by outsiders (including me). The total city changed/detoriated (I mean infrastructure of roads and traffic) and today Bangalore is no better than Pune. Who knows if Kannadigas might also start the same like Maharashtra tomorrow….then it will not be for unskilled ‘dirty people’ but ‘white collared’ people like you and me can be affected.

    This same tone like Maharastra was there sometime back and there was tremendous pressure on Narayana Murthy and others to recruit local Kannadigas for Infosys and other Bangalore based companies. The greatness of the person….they never budged into the sadist intent of the state and maintained merit as the sole criteria.

    Your example of hawkers and autos etc. falls flat again as those are your own perception and quite baseless without any solid data and reasoning.

    Maharastra had this dubious history of this hate on linguistic lines. During 70/80s it did the same for ‘south indians’. So it is not new and ‘reactive’ as you claim. There had been riots against Parsis also during 1960s.

    India is one every one can go anywhere and work and stay….there is Constitution and there is Law and we are the biggest democracy. If you claim that ‘we Marathis’ as as true owners of Mumbai and want your terms by taking law in your hands and defy Indian constitution, then all like minded Indians must protest.

    It is only perception how long back we can take history.

    Here is an article

    The real facts and precisely the point which I made yesterday….Mumbai was built by millions all over(including Portugese and Brits) and not really by Marathas. This is not the same for other cities. So the ownership and dictating terms taking law in your own hand just beacause it is acceded to Maharastra state not so long ago doesn’t apply. Mumbai is different than all other cities in India…’Mumbai sabka jaan Bharat ki shaan hai’.

    If what you are telling are to be accepted then we should also support kashmiris and Assamese to have freedom and independence.

    Bad taste of hate and narrow mindset of those people….I must say.

  24. [quote]Why you don’t agree that these peoples are coming in tons (not in Tens, Twenties…but in Thousands and lakhs)! and putting lot of pressure on Mumbai to make it uncomfortable[/quote]
    Ok, agreed, they are coming in tons and creating problem for you, but this does not give you right to stop them, just because you come before them.

    If you are feeling pressure leave the mumbai, go somewhere else. Everyone has right to migrate to better place. And whatever you or Raj Thakeray do, you cant stop this. Rest assured.

  25. Deep,

    I think i have given all your answers in my previous post, May be you are not having time to read it properly.

    Just go through my point on Bangalore, I think that is quite good answer for what you are asking. “A difference between two peoples.”

    About “illogical” i have put a point with reference to Pune. I don’t think now there is any better way for me to make you understand the logic.

    About your query on Hitting up.

    Maybe you are right! aaha you are absolutely right and i am quite agreeable with this point that no one have right to hit another person even though if there is any reason behind it or not.

    But then what? Do you want the local peoples to suffer?
    Will this help to resolve the problem that local peoples are facing? Where this local people have to go? and how they have to make their point clear?.

    Do you think our judiciary system is quite okay to give a perfect solution for this? Will Lalu Prasad Bihari Babu (owner of Indian Railway) will recruit Marathi peoples.

    There are many questions raised only because tons of peoples are migrating from one place to other, and in this either someone of the two has to suffer and they are suffering.

    It is now on peoples to decide who have to suffer?

  26. Saikat,

    So you agree that outsiders have raped the city of Bangalore! So just think that with only few of IT professionals, the Bangalore city is going through worst condition, What about Mumbai where tons of unproffesional peoples are coming on daily basis just to earn little bucks, what they might be doing with Mumbai

    Don’t you feel the logic of Bangalore very well matches with Mumbai?

  27. Mangesh,

    What I would do is stop the hate and violent politics and work for developping the city instead of blaming ‘outsiders’. If I am the state administration I would develop the infrastructure and the civil life of the people than mere blaming and beating people left right center. Unfortunately this is not being highlighted. The gutters and cleanliness etc. needs proactive measure from the state machinery.

    I just wonder how many local Marathis would like to do the daily labour or coolie work like a Bihari. If there are many local Marathis for that work then how Maharastra is better than Bihar or UP? Are you talking about competition of these ‘unskilled vs. unskilled? or these ‘untouchables’ from Bihar looks dirty on the roads? I wonder if Mahatma Gandhi and Dr.B.R Ambedkar’s vision remains.

    One more difference please note that Bangalore’s name today is self made by Kannadigas (Infosys did)and I personally think Kannadigas are the most tolerant people in India they used to be the most non violent and peace loving. After CM SM Krishna the subsequent state government’s falied to develop the city due to their own inefficiency. (I don’t know now).

    But not Bombay. Mumbai is Mumbai not really by Marathis and it was from th every beginning a cosmopoliton nature, so my objection is that…who are these people claiming to own the city when they have not done anything great for it(other than destruction and bad name for the city and the country). Just because it is within the ambit of Maharastra does not give these people the right of Mumbai. Make noise and shake the state govt to act for the city’s development than to blame poor migrants.

  28. Saikat,

    I have a very good answer from you, but before that i only want your answer in Yes Or No for my above question

    Don’t you feel the logic of Bangalore very well matches with Mumbai?

  29. #


    I have a very good answer for you, but before that i only want your answer in Yes Or No for my above question

    Don’t you feel the logic of Bangalore very well matches with Mumbai?

  30. Mangesh,

    I think you did not get me. I pointed that the situation of Bangalore was no better. But thanks to the people of Karnataka that they welcomed all as they are broad-minded and know what is wrong.

    I also pointed out that if Bangalore would have made this hue and cry like Mumbai there could have been some reason. But no it was nipped in the bud by better human beings. Though the infrastructure development of Bangalore was not the very best in recent past but they never created this type rukus.

    DOn’t think the ‘unskilled’ migrant issue you mentioned is not limited to Mumbai alone all major cities have. eg. Kolkata…first of all the illegal Bangladeshis, and also the same people you mentioned comes from Bihar and east UP, all these people mostly work in construction sites. The real estate boom of Bangalore also saw thousands of migrant labour coming there…..the only difference you are shouting and making an issue, others not. I only hope good sense prevails for all.

    Yes, all major cities will have this issue of migration who is you and me to stop this and why do we? Are you (or your forefathers) not a migrant to the city you live? Most people came from villages and settled in the cities. So in that term we all are migrants to the city we live…no body should claim as their property as because I came first here and/or speak th elocal language. It is the property of the Union of India.

    Yes, what I must also add that if I stay outside and not my own linguistic state or city I should respect the other culture and people around.

  31. Saikat,

    I feel like you are giving excuse of Marathi peoples destroying Mumbai because you don’t have any good words to answer it in logical way.

    Anyhow was good to have debate with you. By the way, i want to make it clear that i am not against any peoples, nor I am against any North Indians (especially UP and Bihar), and I have never said them dirty or poor, but you have to accept the truth that they live in hell(10 peoples live in 5×10 room). You will feel it illogical, but it is true, they live, and this has to be stopped.

    No human being has right to live in a hell. It is the duty of government, not only of city administration, but of States, Center to make it heaven.

    According to me what had happened in Mumbai should be taken as a positive bias to develop a New India. Government of these two states, and also of all the states has to learn a lesson and needs to concentrate more to create jobs for the local people in order to stop or at least to reduce the migration happening to other states, because just migrating to other state is not a solution for India to become a full developed County. There should be balanced contribution from all the states.

  32. Mangesh,

    It is all our responsibility to do the best for our country. Once again I reiterate going back to the earlier posts that the jobs etc. in Mumbai (I am not talking about other cities like Pune, Nashik) was created by all contribution from all over. So just because we have the NSE, BSE, Reliance, Bollywood and the Banks, the ITs all these was formed keeping in mind the cosmopoliton nature of the city (same like Singapore) suddenly I cannot tell others hey u dont come here this belonged to us.

    No problem Mangesh we are in friendly debate. Thanks for having a good spirit.

  33. I am really loving the way this debate is shaping up… love healthy debates like this…

    Okay, so let’s back to the point raised by Mangesh about Bangalore… I am quoting it again as scrolling through many comments would be confusing…

    Mangesh said in the comment:

    Definitely if i move to Bangalore i will be getting a very good package, and according to that, my spending will happen in Bangalore, i will try to keep my standard of living, my status, and doing so, i indirectly will be helping the local unskill peoples to make a earning on me. I don’t want to go in detail, but you need to understand what i want to say.

    But at the same time a unskill person goes to Bangalore and tries to work as a hawker, how much earning he will earn? and will he be able to generate indirect jobs?

    I am converting your examples / statements according to my understanding:

    So, according to you, a software engineer goes to Bangalore from Mumbai, earns good, spends good is nice and helps government.

    But when a person with very low money in hand, tries his hard to buy some fruits and sell it to people is making the system dirty?

    Why can’t a guy selling fruit on the street cannot grow in the metros? What is wrong if he works hard to make his living? What if, within the span of few years, he starts his shop or may be starts wholesale business? Won’t it help the system?

    I don’t understand why a hawker cannot generated direct or indirect jobs? He might contribute in a smaller manner but he will surely contribute.. afterall good salaried people buy from hawkers and small shop owners most of the times too 🙂 haha

    See, this is where we fail.

    We think, if the people with go salary migrate to other cities is good but if poor ones go, it is bad for the city.

    We should remember that, when our father and grandfathers migrated from our native places, they were not rich.. (most of them atleast)… this Mumbai gave them their bread and butter..

    The comment you have posted is totally biased towards the people with good earnings…

    Okay, let’s forget all the previous comments.. including this… let’s forget everything.. just give me answer to following point:

    Migrants are coming to Mumbai (be it UP, Bihar or Bangladesh) – according to you it is wrong… I agree… so how do you think we can stop them? (If the answer is kicking them.. then tell me how it will help and prevent them to come again and IS IT LEGAL?)

    I just want a straight forward answer to this…

    Infact, I am inviting everyone.. Swapnil, Ashok, Saikat, Mangesh and the ones who are reading this…

  34. Deep,

    What is a reason for hawker or a unskill migrant to go to other state and do this job, only because our constitute have allow to do so? as already there are many unemployed unskill peoples ready to this job, and Saikat have also raised this question unskill vs unskill?

    You have to first make it in your mind that not all peoples are quite good as you. Nor you will find in any state or in any country that all people are highly educated and can only do white collar job.

    In company like Infosys only skilled person is needed, the ones who are quite talented to handle the complicated programs. Unskilled and undeserve peoples have no place in companies like Infosys, no matter if he is from Bangalore, Mumbai or Patna.

    Again coming to point, Many of the peoples remain uneducated, or little educated might be because of many other reasons and if these peoples are local then they have to be given first preference rather than an outsiders, applies for all unskill jobs including the plumber, painter, jobs in small scale industries for grade 3 and 4 or any unskill profession, which needs little skill or no skill. But only due to unfair competition of low wages these jobs are been taken by outsiders, and this scenario you will see all from Mumbai, Thane to Pune, Nasik and all major cities in Maharashtra. Are not migrants making threat to job for local and surrounding peoples around here?

    Regarding Migrants,
    Saikat you have pointed out in your previous post about South Indian were hit by Marathi speaking peoples in Mumbai during 70s and 80s. You are absolutely right. But have you seen the scenario after that. The south Indian migration was completely stopped to Mumbai and cities like Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore got emerged and they are now super cities in India. Before 70s and 80s no one knew the name of city Bangalore and Hyderabad but now every Indian like to take the name of these cities at international level because of development these cities have done.

    Coming to point of migration from UP and Bihar, I want to see the same scenario in future. I want to see the Patna, Laknow to emerge as a best cities in India and every Indian should be proud to take these cities name at international level.

    What I want to suggest through these examples is that if something negative happens (beating up north Indians in Mumbai), a hope of positive happening emerges. Uptil now, the government of UP and Bihar, peoples of UP and Bihar had not taken it seriously, but now their own self-esteem will ask them a question that why we should leave Bihar and UP and need to go to Mumbai and Maharashtra? Why we can’t create great cities in Bihar and UP itself to accumulate the local as well as surrounding people to give a good earning and good living instead of remaining dependent on Mumbai and Maharashtra for bread and butter

    Also I would like to make some points on Railway
    What had happened during the Railway examination was totally unfair. Before applying for examination, a call letter is send to the candidates through employment exchange card, and these cards were send only to Biharis, so in the examination hall there was not a single marathi, but all were Bihari, and it is only because of the Indian Railway Owner Mr Laluprasad Yadav. There were around 10, 000 candidate appeared for this exam, and all of them were from Bihar.

    Why Railway did not send call letter to Maharashtrian candidate through employment card, as on daily basis 1000s of unemployed youth comes and register themselves in Employment Office. For what reason this Government’s employment office is made for in every city of Maharasthra?

    The problem is Lalu Prasad Yadav for what had happened during Railway examination. Did anyone raised any point against him?. Did anyone ask him why only Biharis are in Railways and not the local people except in South India and that only because of language problem.

    Here I would like to tell something that had happened with me. I regularly travel to one local village Kedgoan by railway which is about 1 hour journey from Pune. Whenever I start back from Kedgoan to Pune, I go to Ticket counter for taking ticket. 1-2 time it happened like some confusion was going on at the ticket counter between the villagers and ticket master, because the Ticket Master was North Indian and he was not able to cummunicate well with villagers. Don’t you see anything missing in this?

  35. Mangesh:

    What is a reason for hawker or a unskill migrant to go to other state and do this job, only because our constitute have allow to do so?

    For the same reason why a good slaried person from Mumbai will go to Bangalore… for better living, more earnings…

    You have to first make it in your mind that not all peoples are quite good as you. Nor you will find in any state or in any country that all people are highly educated and can only do white collar job.

    That’s what my point is… not everyone is educated.. so it does not mean that uneducated people does not have right to migrate…

    Abot migrants working for cheap.. give me a real life example here? I have personally not came across in any situation where migrants are charging less.. Infact all the biharis I have met were asking for more than double of what locals charge.. haha

    Let’s talk seriously now.. have you seen any migrant who charges less for a richshaw or taxi ride? No, they are not and THEY CANNOT..

    The reasons which are given are basically result of brainwash tactics of these politicians my friend. We do not know the reality but we follow the wave.. coz others are doing…

    We should follow what is right.. these politicians will take advantage of the situation and then sit back..

    Anyways, we are going round in circles.. I would reply to the next comment, only if I get proper answer to the question I asked in my previous point..


  36. Stateless & Shameless Bihari’s.
    Suddenly again Bihar has taken the centre stage for its usual Bihariness and we find another Bihari naach & nautanki from every Bihari who are known or unknown; to start with the cinestar Kayasth Shatrughan licking the feet of Bal Thackeray by calling him GOD after his own region people & himself getting insulted but yes typical of his Bihari blood he did not stopped himself from condemning Lalu Prasad (a backward Yadav) for all this, the Brahman boy Bhojpuri singer, another hindi actor manoj bajpai, producer pandit etc begging shamelessly to MNS supremo to calm down & too add to the humiliation they at same breath even condemn their own folks and went on licking & singing the marathis ire, Bihar CM the adopted child of upper caste –small time kurmi caste neta from Nalanda & Barh area, the new found political child though being the CM of Bihar his primary / basic duty is to protect Bihari interest, pride etc, is seen defenseless and tries to console & shout when in front of media; that he would talk to PM etc & same time beg to Raj to stop all this of course in name of India. The adopted Brahmnical Bhumiars BJP political child is so much shameless that he tries to fool himself of his political impotency and lust for the chair in name of Indians and spineless cannot even straight face condemn the Sena / BJP. As a Bihar CM his duty is to preserve & protect his own state & its people but its other way he talks of bloody India- where one can find such colorful disgusting laughter wreaking nautanki other than from Bihar / Bihari’s.
    Since post 90’s with the rise of terrorist organization like RSS with its different terrorist wing in political (BJP), cultural, religious (VHP/Baj Rang Dal) etc so that when need be they can disassociate themselves from it, we find that suddenly the whole society is divided into religious lines previously never seen, heard or practiced. And not only this, but too woo the BC, OBC, SC & ST they started the fanciful liners to give false baseless identity to all this downtrodden souls hitherto denied and still being same ……… “Garv se bolo main Hindu hoon” etc. These catchy liners are not meant for the Bhumiars, Brahmans & Kayasth but are meant for the Shudra and Dalit clans for false sense of identity so that they stop asking for reservation and same time they are opening front with Muslims & Christians to divert the energy & intelligent, swabhiman of downtrodden against so called non-Hindu’s.…………… in short they want to take it all u for ride and deny you your basic rights (already they have used the Brahmnical courts for getting the reservation delayed / thwarted) …………… Jago Idiots.
    The whole drama being enacted by Raj is to;
    Cut Sena and float his own political career. Personally to see Udhav Thackeray does not become CM.
    And is supported by Congress, Nitish Kumar (CM Bihar) – JD (U), NCP, SP, BJP to
    Thwart Ms Mayawati in becoming PM / inroad in Maharashtra; therefore divert the directionless Dalit political movement in the state. (That’s the reason every party is supporting it; and therefore so much exchange of words and no action from those in power against Raj be it Maharashtra or Centre.)
    What others (non-Bihari’s) find daridraness of Bihari’s in general; is nothing but spiritual, holy & divine duty in eyes & blood of Bihari and that is too see religiously that no one from their region / state of lower caste then them should be able to rise and occupy any post. Exception is there if the candidate is their crony i.e. they have popped up. No one has any basis to say Ms Mayawati should not be PM, she is good administrator with vision and had started many development projects but has been forced / got mired in caste politics as public did not supported her. Now she too has started doing the same….. Every one is happy, the great poorvanchal jaat-paat nautanki.
    This is the reason why we see that with changing political face of leader too there is no change in the society / government of these states / region (Bihar/Jharkhand/Orissa/UP) because most of the leaders are nothing but crony or puppets of the upper caste to garner the votes as their own population is not much & majboori of democracy. But in other state as Tamilnadu, Kerala, Gujarat etc that is not the case the Backward leaders have come based on the backward caste dominance, awareness and independence resulting in ushering of leaders from the BC who are doing good work as public supports them.This has leas to belongingness and subationalism.
    Can Narendra Modi a backward caste become CM of Bihar without antagonizing the upper caste, if he, then will he be getting the independence & support what he is getting in Gujarat – a big NO. He would be bad mouthed by upper caste as Lalu Prasad Yadav is been getting it. Can a backward caste have such money & political power in Bihar without getting bad name from the upper caste – certainly impossible? But in Gujarat we have, BC patels are now as forward as any Brahmans, Rajputs, Bania’s etc, so is the case with reddy’s, rao etc in south, patil etc in Maharashtra.
    Bihar still does not have reservation to bring their downtrodden class in main stream which has been enshrined in the constitution & which formed the basis of independent struggle and has been implemented & in force in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat etc since pre independence day .
    The reservation introduction what we saw in V P Singh time and later in UPA time is primarily meant for the BIMARU states and thanks to the BC / Dalit politicians from Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Gujarat etc who pressurized it (as they already have in their state ranging from 50% to 79%). But we saw the upper caste Bihari’s started the anti reservation agitation in Patna medical college & shifted it to Delhi for political compulsion (as Nitish cannot be seen publicly as anti BC –he is too from BC Kurmi) and with help of new found Brahman in Supreme Court it has been thwarted / delayed. The impotency of CM Nitish who cannot do anything to implement it as his CMship is based on the votes of upper caste. Lalu in 15 years did the social upliftment, he has succeeded in breaking the bones of upper caste but see Nitish is ready to undo the same by now siding with them- he is the same man who along with Lalu had jailed L K Advani.
    Now as Bihari’s on blog and on street discussing themselves; talk as if something bad is happening with them; the upper caste will write & discuss on TV etc in name of Indian forgetting their mentality and action within their own states.
    The shudra caste will say in toto as their upper caste but knows deep down that till date they have not had courage to raise their head against the upper caste in their own home like Tamilians, Marathi’s, Guajarati’s etc, to bring the society into equilibrium and ushering the developing phase.
    To bring the society to equilibrium the oppressor has to be sensitized and the sufferer has to voice it, both requires courage to accept the problem and then solve it by doing the reforms…… but we find that’s not happening with Bihari.
    The bottom line is;
    Biahri’s do not know to live in society as blocks, they hate each other. Their whole intelligence is to skirt the issue rather than solve it. All sorts of complex thoughts shall be written, said and propagated just to see that the majority of the masses are kept denied of their basic rights in name of shudra caste. This is bare naked fact.
    All Bihari cutting across the caste lines is like “Lanka ka Ravan, Bihar ka Bhabhan” to their lower castes in socio economic castiest hierarchy society of Bihar. Then why crib and cry, why feel bad when same is meted to you all by others on regional platform. Gujarati’s, Tamilians, Keralites, Punjabis etc are respected for what they are and same is case with Bihari’s they are treated for what they are as society. Individually anyone can be bad or good but on society terms the Bihari’s as society is pathetic.
    When as society you cannot thrive how u can expect that society to progress, thus the wheels of time in Bihar since post King Ashock / Mauryan Empire (Backward Caste) or in other words from the time of Brahman Patanjali has turned the Bihar into castiest daldal in name of so called Hindu religion.

  37. i have come across worse bihari racists in my life…just cuz they are at the bottom of the society u have started talking about racism.hahah