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There is always some kind of excitement over Madhur Bhandarkar movies… the only reason for this is, he chooses the topics which no one has thought of… I really appreciate his choice of subjects but what I do not like is, he gets lost too much into the subject and this affects the movie badly… it had happened with his recent movie Traffic Signal and it is happening again with Fashion..

The story is pretty straight forward… a small town girl with big dreams, lands in Mumbai… after struggling for sometime, she finally gets what she wanted. BUT is this what she wants? Will she be able to live with the success? Rest is to watch..

Yea, I know, I summed up the whole story in few lines without giving idea about the characters… but I think it’s simply not required..

The movie showed some of the shocking things which happens behind the scenes.. it shows everything about the life of models.. from the backstage to their personal life.. drugs, abuses, corporate politics.. everything…

Yea, I know it sounds interesting… very interesting but I think Madhur failed to show things quickly.. he just spent more time in detailing the things… and that is why the movie took around 2.45 hours to finish.. (which I think could have wrapped up in around 2 hours) I could see there was lot of effort in making this movie but sadly the slowness killed the whole movie.

Apart from the slowness, on the acting front, everyone was pretty good… Priyanka Chopra simply ROCKED… award winning performance.. Kangana Ranaut was perfect… so was Mugdha Godse. Kitu Gidwani and Arbaaz Khan were really good.

In short, the movie was perfect in terms of Acting, music, story but the slowness killed the movie (Yea, I am repeating it again).

I really want to give it higher rating but when I think of those yawns.. I stop thinking about the good ratings. I would rate this movie [rating:2.5/5]

On the box office front, due to interesting topic, it should get good openings but the pace of the movie should affect the business.


  1. I am going to see this movie anyways just because MBs movies has something no other movies have.

    And you really mean she has big?

  2. haha I badly need to read my stuff twice before posting…

    Thanks Karthik for pointing out.. I have fixed the error..

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