Dostana Movie Review…

Oh yes…. after a long time.. a refreshing GOOD movie.. to be frank, I am really fedup of the kind of movies getting released these days… I know.. Golmaal Returns and Fashion were good but they had something what we have been seeing for ages..

But this was something different.. something cool… something nice…

Okay, Okay.. I should stop now… let’s get back to the story..

It’s pretty simple.. 2 guys looking for a home (on rent), they find once place but only girls are allowed.. so what do they do? Well, pretty simple.. they pretend to be gays.. and they get to share the space with a babe.. (the owner of the house).. but things do not work so well.. oh yea.. they do work till 90% of the movie.. but few things gets messed up in the end..

Oh.. I just realized.. you might want to go through some better version of the story.. Wikipedia always comes to the rescue 😉 here we go

So, overall I enjoyed the movie…  there were few unnecessary scenes.. take example of whole auction scene.. it was simply not required.. but apart from that, everything was pretty much fine.. what I liked about the movie was, they did not end up making a dramatic movie.. it was a fun movie and they kept it the same way till the end.. no serious stuff.. just watch it.. have fun and go home… no rona dhona.. 

On the acting front, Abhishek and John did pretty good job.. I mean I liked their pair.. they gave everyone a good laugh.. Priyanka Chopra was HOT.. and yea.. she was good at acting too.. Bobby Deol was good too (haha Yea, he has learnt some acting lessons), Boman Irani was kind of wasted.. or may be, not utilized properly.. same for Kiron Kher.. rest of the star cast was pretty okay too..

Music was really good… liked the Jaane Kyon and couple of other songs… Cinematography was really good..

So, overall, the movie was good.. a good weekend watch..

I would give it [rating: 3/5].

On the box office front, it should do pretty well..


  1. thanks for the review
    now i have decided first i ll read the review given by u and then i ll spend the money

  2. ohh this movie is getn very good reviews everywhere!! Thank god karan johar rocks!!

  3. Nice review Sir ji!. seems the “gay angle” wasn’t really a gay angle 😀
    surely, Going to watch it this weekend
    But please *try* post something else apart from Movie Reviews 😛

  4. Saw the morning show today .

    Really liked the first half . 2nd half was bad . and i really dont like bobby deol so that made it worse .

    Overall , kinda okay movie . i expected better .

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  7. hey nice movie and very funny i just loved it. i liked everyones acting…….. go watch laugh and have fun watching this movie you will really like it.

  8. Its really a fun movie. Go n watch the movie, have a few laughs n giggles, enjoy the hot stars. There’s absolutely nothing to get serious about. Dostana is really a entertainer not a classic awarding-winning masterpiece.

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