So… what’s up…?

Well.. nothing much.. a glass of Tropicana orange juice on my right… XBOX 360 getting updated on the other side and here, I am writing this post… haha

On a serious note.. I think, I have been posting something personal almost after a month.. damn.. the time is running really fast these days…

To be frank, I love to speak my mind and talk to my blog the way I am doing right now.. it’s kind of fun.. I feel like I am connecting to lots of people this way..

So.. expect this post to be some kind of combination of random thoughts which are in my mind currently…

On the work front… things are finally going smooth… making everyone streamlined.. have been bit lucky to find good guys till now.. (sheesh.. touch wood)… the company is growing… I can feel it… but still a long way to go… looking around for the new guys.. currently on urgent basis, a PHP fresher guys is needed…

I have almost reduced working late in the night… started spending time on games.. haha… Bought Gears of War 2 and before I realize it’s started.. it got finished too.. haha.. so my 2500 got vanished in 5 days.. LOL… but anyways, it was a pretty good game.. I am gonna play again in Hardcore and Insane modes.. haha

Other than that, I have been playing Cricket lately to get rid of all the frustrations.. you know it’s easy to hit sixes and fours in that ;)… so it’s kinda fun, hitting 50 runs in 11 balls or scoring 150+ in less than 10 overs.. haha

Apart from these games… I am not getting much time to do anything else.. reach home somewhere around 7-8 in the evening… have food… watch some TV… and that’s about it…

Catch the movies on Fridays… and try to catch up with old pals during weekends…

Oh yes, this weekend is gonna be kinda messy… have to finish couple of CSS/xHTML layouts… and If I don’t… Swapnil – aka Programmer is gonna kill me… haha

I guess.. that’s about it.. nothing else coming in the mind.. to be frank, kind of stressed out with the things.. but might plan out a holiday in a month or so…

Okay.. I am off now, XBOX 360’s new dashboard update is also done… so,I should get back to my cricket and hit some sixes.. damn, I hate these bloody Australians, gonna hit them hard.. haha


Oh… Yes yes… one more thing.. I have been very active on Twitter these days.. you can catch me on Twitter here


  1. Yes do keep them coming, i like reading personal posts of people i know more than Techcrunch or Lifehacker.

    And again, i don’t read any other film reviews online, as you cover every [good,bad,useless] bollywood movie that is released 🙂

    Lucky you, you get to reach home by 9 PM at least …

  2. There are plugins on wordpress plugins directory to take care of this. Or else you can play with the Twitter API and fetch the data…

  3. I think I check your blog the most from all the blogs I have in my bookmark list. And I always look forward to reading something new, and your blog is a compulsory visit to check a movie review. Keep it going!

  4. You know in all blog posts, I am always most interested in those which falls under – personal – catagoty. (Kahte hai naa logo ko taak jhaank pasand hai :p )

    Sooo much gaming.. lucky you! Amazed that how you manage time, Work+Gaming+work+movies … wow! and still get time to meet pals. Post your secret of time management naa :p

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