Yuvraj (Yuvvraaj) Movie Review

What happens when someone asks you to pay Rs. 200 and watch Sas bahu drama and again, spend another 200 on cold drinks and popcorn..? Well, I am not saying anything… you have to decide on your own.. haha

Okay, let’s move on to the story..  story? haha well, let’s see how it goes…

Deven (Sallu) is in love with Anoushka (Katrina Kaif) but Anoushka’s father wants her to get married to a rich guy… so our Deven… figures out about wealth that his father left behind.. (Father had kicked him off 12 years ago), so.. our Deven guy… signs the agreement with Anouskha’s dad stating that, he will become billionaire in 40 days.. (he was hoping that he will get his part from dad’s wealth so easily.. LOL)

But the game starts now.. when Deven reaches his dad’s house.. he finds out that… our Subhash uncle (the director) has planned sas bahu extravaganza for him.. haha

He is welcomed by shakuni mama… mami.. and few crackpot relatives who are also behind the wealth..

Oh yes.. there are 2 brothers too.. Gyanesh (Anil Kapoor), who is mentally challenged aka Eeshwar guy and Danny (Zyed Khan)… aka rich bastard cum male version of Tulsi.

So, dad has given all these crackpots 5 crores each and the whole wealth to Gyanesh.. So now? Well… everyone is behind Gyanesh… Deven and Danny too try some tricks but on the halfway, these brothers realize the importance of relationship.. and bad brothers become good brothers.. good loving brothers…

Deven transforms to chalti firti daru ki dukan, Danny transforms to Tulsi.. with tears in his eyes all the time.. but our Gyanesh remains same… same… Eashwar guy… haha

Do I need to say more about the movie? haha I don’t think so… Oh yea.. you might want to know about Anoushka… haha.. yea, she keeps on coming in and going out all the time…

So… the review time?

Well… I am not sure that was in Subhash Ghai’s mind while making this movie.. I am not able to understand what exactly he was trying to say with the movie… or how this idea popped up in hid mind?

To be frank, it looks like he had written the story ages back or may be he watched too many sas bahu serials…  it was simply pathetic and totally predictable from the start…

Apart from the story, the execution was so bad that, it was more like all the scenes shot at different time and just arranged in proper sequence…

What was Salman doing? Acting? haha.. I felt like, he came on the sets with few pegs on.. Katrina looked cute but the chemistry between her and Salman was BAD..

Anil Kapoor had nothing great to offer, the character was like the one he played in  Eeshwar.

Zyed Khan… man.. why in the world anyone would like to cast him in the movies? Guys.. he doesn’t know the acting… he just knows to show off the stuff and cry like a baby… and yea… make everyone laugh on those emotional scenes…

Music was simply good but the way songs were picturized was really really weird, take example of the first song.. I don’t know why they decided to float Salman in the air and show those funny cartoonish, rainbow and all.. also the choreography by Shaimak Dawar was bad.. Mastam Mastam is a good example… It’s not a stage show man.. it’s a freaking movie..

I guess.. It’s time to stop now…

So overall, it was one more pathetic movie by Shubhash Ghai…  he should retire and even Salman should… and the whole film industry should boycott Zyed Khan.

I would rate it [rating: 1/5] . This one star is only for the music…

Stay away from this one…


  1. it was not that bad a film, a bit outdated yes, but still it is better than most films being dished nowadays

  2. haha…u r absolutely right by these words…the execution was so bad…..the editor has not edited the film in a right sequence

  3. yes, IT WAS A BAD FILM. BAD FILM. BAD FILM. Songs were KILLED. LITERALLY. Had you marked how the song ‘Shano Shano’ got cut paste and patched? And true about ‘tu hi meri dost hai’ Weird flying in the sky. And Mastam Mastam, was not fun but a disaster one.
    Heart breaking drama. [cause got my heart broke, after watching killing of such good album]

  4. The movie was not that movie,songs rocks…..,all stars rocks……., story was good.
    overall the movie rockz man ****

  5. Yuvvraj !! Yuvvraj !!
    i didn’t seen this types of scenes or sets designs in any of the hindi or bollywood movies…
    The scenes are fabulous.

    Fantastic songs by rahman

    Story telling by Subhash Ghai was perfect as his great movies like Karz, Pardes, Taal etc..,

    Acting by Anil, Style & Acting by salman, Katrina looking gorgeous
    The movie was Awesome

  6. Average – just OK family film – not as good as any other Ghai’s movies::

    Good points ::

    Good Cinematography,

    katrina looking good as a damsel

    Sober, clean, family film,

    no fijool actions, no comedy (?) or no dble meaning dialects

    pleasant foreign land shooting

    A way better than dostana, drona, Chamku, emi, or other recent garbage movie

    Bad parts::

    Somehow the film ended so quickly and suddenly , n’ unexpectadly, and movie seems uncomplete.

    Not ANY better at all than other Ghai movies like
    Ram lakhan, hero, saudaagar, taal, pardesh.. etc

    there is no substance in the story at all.

    Could had added little comedy in it, if wished.

    Could had added more turning points in story.

    Could have made it a little better if Ghai had watched,
    Kal ho na a ho, Kuchh kuchh hota hai, Kabhi Khushi,,, etc movies and had studied those.

    Anil has acted little better than salmaan n’ zayed.
    Boman has failed in comedy.

    Movie is average – Ok. – Just a little pleasant- family film in today’s time.

  7. I watched the movie on sunday and it was houseful crowd .. and yea starting was not good . THe climax was tooo good. I almost cried 2 times. its watchable 2 times. I might go again next sunday with my family.

  8. Salman is a perfect animal,underworld front man in this disorganized industry,he just knows boozing,bribing the media and sleeping with beauties,his days are numbered,it is not far away,when people will spit on him,when he goes to meet them.

    Ghai is completely out of sync since last 10 years and there are slim chances of him comming out of this state.His choice of actors like Salman(who slapped him) and Zayed who cannot even show a single emotion ,proves he has no control over the medium,he was once considered the showman,instead he is spending public money collected through Mukta Arts IPO upon paying Underworld frontmen like Salman and Zayed.

    Well for Zayed what to say,he entered the industry due to his father’s underworld links,he is still surviving on the same,he is basically a good fashion gigolo,completely emotionless and pathetic to the hilt.

  9. Guys i had a real good time watching Yuvvraaj. Anil was superb as usual, Salman as usual lived up to the expectations, Katrina Kaif playing the cello looks awesome n not to forget the beautiful foreign locales and the grand sets

  10. it’s a good film to watch, especially if you like musical films. anil and salman did really well in this film!

  11. Ya its a good film, especially if you like musical films. Anil and Salman did really well in this film!

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