Ghajini Movie Review

Whenever any Amir Khan movie is up for release, there is lot of hype created around… smart marketing tactics.. be it those SMS forwards or the haircut… no one can beat him here… so.. obviously, there are going to be lot of expectations too from him… he has already started raising the bar after Rang De Basanti and Taare Zameen Par.. so what about this movie? Well… just scroll bit down for that… hehe

The plot of the movie is very simple… a man who has short term memory loss problem, tries to find murderer of his girlfriend..  he does not remember anything, he loses his memory almost in every 15 minutes.. he makes note of everything, takes pictures of the places and persons, so he does not forget them..

The movie is basically Hindi version of Tamil movie with the same name.. and.. Tamil movie was copied from the English movie Memento. So, in short.. the story isn’t original but the way these guys have carried out the movie, is worth the claps..

Aamir Khan was just superb.. his role reminded me of Hulk.. the anger.. amazing stuff.. no one can beat this actor… superb, simply superb..

But it does not mean that the movie too was superb.. actually the story was so strong that they could have made it one of the best movies of Hindi Cinema but few things messed up the party… the police was almost missing in the movie.. also many scenes in the movie raised the questions.. specially the ones belonging to Jia Khan.

So, without confusing much… cutting everything in few words.. the movie was perfectly fine leaving few things apart (mentioned above), Amir Khan was superb.. award winning performance.. Asin did not have much to do but she was good at whatever she did… (though there was some “so sweet” and “so cute” kind of crap in the beginning of the movie)… Jia Khan was bit irritating.. but may be that’s how she acts.. nothing great…rest of the actors did their job nicely…

The music was top notch.. no one can beat A R Rahman… Cinematography was too good, specially the songs.. nice stuff.. Direction too was top notch but execution was kind of weak in some areas…

So, overall… I would rate this movie [rating: 3.5/5], definitely worth watching.. despite of the flaws… strong story, powerful acting and the music will hold everyone to their seats…

On the box office front.. it should do very good business…

Note: Oh yes.. the movie is pretty much depressing… very depressing… so don’t expect any comedy or happy go lucky stuff from it…


  1. I have seen the Tamil version of this movie many months back, so I guess I will skip this movie.

    Dostana was very good…why dint u review it, Deep?

  2. What are you saying man? Did you watch the movie? Hehe

    Depressing? It was a masala movie.. No question of depression..

    Comedy.. I couldnt stop laughing in the first half..

    Movie was great! I loved it.. Nothing depressing.. Nothing to be taken seriously.. And its not very violent too.. Time pass film!

  3. Ponmuhil Ravichandran 28-Dec-2008 at 4:11 pm

    nice review

    Ghajini was a superb movie with a unique story partly blended from ‘Memento’ .. nice performances from Aamir and Asin .. a cute Love story tht i liked from my Heart
    .. sm minute flaws but definitely one of my favorite movies .. i would give it a rating of 4 or 4.5 out of 5
    .. i think AR Rahman and AR Murugadoss gave their best

    – Ponmuhil R

  4. Watched it and i must say a full commercial movie. Acting is good, dir is reasonable overall (it feel a little hurried and the complete Asin scene can be cut). In my opinion the highlight of the movie is Aamir’s acting and Rahman’s music.

    PS… where is Rab ney bana di jori’s review? did i miss it or u havnt’ got time ?

  5. I finally saw Ghajini yesterday. I didnt really like the movie, mainly because of the violence. I dont think Asin is suited for Hindi movies. She has that typical south indian habit of overacting and over emoting which is so typical of south Indian movies

  6. which one do u think is gr8…performance,direction,songs & screenplay..which one has chance of bagging more awards..Rab Ne or Ghajini??

  7. Aamir’s perfomance stands more chance than the movie.. even music was very good but I have heard, Delhi 6 is gonna break all the records.. let’s see…

  8. Was talking about the music, movie will go well but not blockbuster or anything… hit should be enough (by looking at the promos) but you never know..

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