Slumdog Millionaire – A MUST WATCH…

The movie isn’t out in India yet… it is expected to release on Jan 23rd… but it is already out on the net… I could not hold myself, so I just got a copy and watched it…

I must say… it is something not to be missed… I am definitely gonna watch it again once it’s out in India…

A very different story… it basically shows how a guy raised in slums wins 2 crores.. but at the same time.. the importance is not given to money.. but it is to the reason why he decided to play and in the end… he gets what he wanted… nah.. it wasn’t about the money 🙂

Amazing stuff.. great acting by everyone.. must watch.. it is definitely worth 4 stars out of 5.. [rating: 4/5]


  1. I disagree Deep. I didn’t like the adaptation of the story that much. Also, I felt they didn’t truly convey what the book was about.

    I read Q&A three years (or two) ago and still I remember how good it was. I’d recommend you to read the book.

  2. May be I liked coz I havent read the book yet… I am not into books but still I will try to get it and read it…

  3. yes the book is a wonderful work of fiction by Vikas Swarup. Dan Boyle’s movie may not do justice to the book, as the movie would have to run in to several hours if it had to. The movie is merely inspired from the book and it is wonderful nonetheless. With some brilliant performances especially by the child artistes and wonderful camera ork, the movie is a gem. A definite 4/5

  4. Well, to be honest i like the story concept… don’t know about the fact that book was that good or not. The flip side, yes the story telling and direction, i think it could have been slicker. Also, the acting is a little weird, sp. from Jamal when he is sitting on hot seat its just flat, no expression, where as its normal to have a expression on ur face after remembering some past history. I liked the story concept but movie could have been better…

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  6. Your guess is wrong. This surely is something to be worried about, more so when I am pointing it out to you now. You can’t even plead ignorance of not knowing the violation. In any case, there is a legal saying

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  7. Just to add (i guess you might have heard the news), it won the Golden Globe award. Not only this, AR Rahman also won. So big news for Rahman Fanz.

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