New year.. more dreams.. more fun..

First of all… wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.. leave all the sadness, disappointment on the shore of 2008.. welcome 2009 with a smile.. a fresh new morning.. a new start…

I am sure, the coming year will bring in lot of joy, happiness, dreams and of course wealth too 😉

So, how was 2008 for me? Well.. it was a mixed bag.. but in the end.. I am happy with how it went..

I had planned to buy a new car somewhere in 2008 but could not buy as there were other priorities on the head… so, last year’s resolution is going to continue this year.. let’s see if I am able to buy one or not.. I am sure, I should be able to get one though..

So, what are the things happened in 2008? Let’s take a look..

January 2008 – 19th Jan 2008 – I got married to my girlfriend Megha (view pics here)

March 2008 wasn’t so good… had kind of tough time..

April 2008, Mahabaleshwar helped me to kick off all my frustrations

May 2008 – Got a great surprise (iPod Touch) from Google, some difficult time with friends (this one kept me disturbed for quite sometime), accounting reports at the end of the month left some smiles on my face…

June 2008 – Had one of the best holidays, in Goa with close friends.. (We all still miss those days… pure fun..)

July 2008 – Some difficult times with finding new guys… started using Twitter

August 2008 – Bought my favorite phone, iPhone (I was waiting for it for quite sometime)

September 2008The bad phase for the business resumes…

October 2008 – 13th October 2008, turned a year older, my company too turned a year older…

November 2008 – Work woes slowly come to an end, 26th November 2008 – Terror attacks in Mumbai, left me shattered.. infact, I am still not fully recovered from it.. the images are still fresh…

December 2008 – Did not have any personal posts but many things happened around… on the work front.. the bad phase resumed for sometime… but managed to balance out the things.. hoping things will be pretty smooth by February..  Apart from this.. managed to give kind of surprise to Megha on her birthday.. 18th December… 25th December… reminded me about the same day in 2005

This is how the year ended… reviewed around 50 odd movies, around 30 personal posts, around 30 odd posts for my India & these politicians and handful of technology related posts.. 🙁

So, what I learnt from 2008….

  1. Learnt how to know people using those magnified glasses…
  2. Learnt to run the business well.. much better than last year…
  3. Learnt some time management skills… still not perfect though… and still kind of bad at it
  4. Learnt to be patient… clam… and handle the situations tactfully

The sweet and bitter experiences of life taught me many things and I am sure, the journey will always continue.. I will always be learning… one should never stop learning new things… once we stop… the meaning of the life ends…

Next year… as mentioned earlier…. planning to get a new car… apart from that… new office… few more employees… a Macbook… damn.. the list never ends… but on the top.. I want to see my business grow… I will make it possible… I am sure about it…

Like always.. need your wishes… and yes.. always keep faith in God.. always keep faith in yourself… no need to visit any temple… God is within you… just keep the faith and move on.. trust me.. things will be always like you wanted… 🙂

So ending the long post.. with new year wishes… Wish you all a very Happy New Year again…

Life is good…



  1. Beautiful! I love the way you wrote things down. Very simple, very true and uncensored.

    I wish you a very happy and prosperous year ahead. 🙂

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