How to transfer or .uk domains?

For past few hours I have been struggling to transfer a domain from other registrar. I was in impression that the transfer process will be same as other TLDs (mainly .com) but to my surprise the process is very much different here.

This is how it works:

  1. Contact your new registrar and ask for their IPSTAG – IPSTAG is basically a code which is given to every registrar.
  2. Once you get that, login to your old registrar’s domain control panel, change the IPSTAG to the one provided by new registrar. This basically means that, you want to transfer away the domain name to your new registrar.

  3. After this step, a transfer request will be sent to your old registrar, new registrar will also receive the same kind of request and it will mail back the security key to the domain holder. (This is an automated process – old registrar will approve the transfer and send details to new one, new registrar will send the secret key to you)

  4. Once you receive the key, start the transfer process at your new registrar, put in the secret key you have..

  5. Rest of the things are same as other TLDs.

That’s about it.. I hope it helps someone 🙂


  1. Hi Deep – saw this flash up on Twitter.

    Could I just stress that it’s VERY important to input the new ‘tag’ including repeating any upper case / lower case characters.

    It’s been my experience that some tags are all in upper case.

    Once the tag’s changed, then you also need to make sure you’re nameservers are pointing at the right addresses – but only the tag holder can make these sorts of changes.

    Also, if a domain is coming up for renewal, the tag you’re trying to change to may ask for renewal fees up front as once its on their tags, it can be quite a process to get hosting fees etc off the registrant.

    Good luck anyone changing tags – best bet is to keep onto your new ‘tag’ to get those amendments and any hosting / emails set up asap the moment they receive notification of the transfer. Remember also if you’re changing dns nameservers – it could take a few hours for the www to catch up with your new location. Check Google sitemaps – is sod’s law that they go looking the moment you transfer and as they don’t find your sitemap file, mark it as not valid.

    Jonathan – Fabulous Photo Gifts.

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