The great Mumbai policemen

Before you jump to any conclusions… Let me make it clear.. I was NOT AT ALL serious about the title of this post.. I did not mean it.. haha

Couple of recent incidents forced me to write something about the policemen.. I am not trying to say that, every policeman is bad, but till now, I have not come across any good genuine policemen (Except from the Cybercell Mumbai guys, who left me impressed… that’s a different story all together)

Okay, so.. let’s cut the crap..

I was surfing some news sites today and on TOI website, found this article: Now, MNS goes after ‘Pak’ signboards

The article talks about, a shop in Mulund named Karachi Sweets, which according to MNS, is anti-Indian and the shop owner should change the name within 10 days or face the consequences. (The shop’s brand is almost 30 year old)

No, I am not going to bash MNS here… the real action begins when the shop owner goes to the police for help…

The policemen agrees with MNS and asks the shop owner to change the name.. some of them even suggested names like “Mumbai Sweet House”.. the logic? Well, according to police, the name will help shop owner to attract more buyers.. haha

Here are the excerpts from the article:

The local police were informed but, instead of assuring protection, officials said it would be "better” if the shop changed its name and avoided any confrontation with MNS activists.

Residents of the area share the shop manager’s fears. "Change of name could be misleading. Many may think that the original shop has shut down and they may stop going there,” one of them said.

However, the police have a different view. "We suggested that the owner should rename his shop as Mumbai Sweet House,” a Mulund police station officer said. "That will attract more customers to the shop.” Another similarly helpful suggestion came from the policemen who met the owner; they asked him to apply to the BMC’s shops and establishments department for a change of name on a priority basis.

Another officer admitted the police station had received a letter from the MNS, informing them about an agitation against the signboard. "We wanted to prevent a problem and advised the shop owner to take a quick decision on renaming the shop,” he said.

I am not sure where a common man will go? Police is not ready to help him, he is forced to change the name.. I think it’s time that people will start keeping guns with them so they can fight back in these kind of issues.. (as police is not helping at all)

Here is another example:

This one is about the movie Deshdrohi, which was banned in Maharashtra but later got clearance from the court..

But, in Mumbai, no one is ready to screen it.. why? Well.. do I need to say again? haha..

Let’s talk about the role of police here.. (The article is here)

Deshdrohi was to be screened in halls like Alankar in Grant Road and Nandi in Bandra. But Nandi had to instead screen Sarkar Raj. Sheru who manages both halls said, "A senior cop from VP Road police station asked us to avoid screening it saying it may create problems. I told my manager to go to the police station with the court order but they repeated the statement. Finally on Thursday we decided not to screen it. Some Shiv Sainiks came to Nandi and tore up posters of the film, warning us against showing it.”

Even Amar cinema, Chembur has been forced to screen Ghajini instead of Deshdrohi. Shabbir Sheikh, manager of the hall said, "The cops came here and told us not to screen the film. When I told them the court had lifted the ban, they said even if I asked for protection they would not be able to provide it as they were short-staffed.

In this case also police washed off their hands saying, we are not going to help you.. you bow down to demands of these political parties..

I had personally faced couple of experiences few years back.. 1st one was when I had met with an accident.. I had to pay Rs. 5000 as bribe to policeman even if it was not my fault.. and on the top of it, they filed counter case on me.. (The whole experience was really pathetic and painful part.. will post about it some other time)

Another personal experience was when my car tape got stolen.. to get FIR report, the policeman asked me to pay Rs. 1,000 bribe and when we denied to pay, they kept us waiting for hours almost daily and gave it after a week..

All these experiences are certainly not helping to create a good impression of Policemen..

Again, I am not saying all the policemen are bad but if you look at the current scenario.. I don’t see any positive signs..


  1. yeh .. these policeman’s are with the politicians or they don’t have guts to face and fight with politicians .. why are they given a position of a POLICE ?… why are they given guns ?
    just to fill thr pockets with politicians money …
    just to eat govts money by sitting and doing nothing..

  2. Our Policemen are nothing but biggest “Chors” in uniform. I have faced similar issues. I had to file a Police complain for lost PAN card. They were not willing to write one unless I paid them 100 bucks for “chai pani” That too at Mulund Police Station. According to havaldar the charges vary as per who is the police officer on duty as the same bribe was 50 bucks if I came in the evening (50% discount on bribe!!;)) Same thing was repeated when I went to complain about my lost Mobile fone. Numerous incidents with Traffic cops who just pop up with any reason to take up money. I thought that the attitude of our cops will change after 26/11 but now I feel its just next to impossible.

    The exact opposite was the case when I had hired a Bike in Koh Phangan (Thailand). I was alone and riding without helmet and proper papers in the middle of the nite after a party. I was totally lost and had been driving for more than 2 hours and not a soul on the street. I was stopped for usual checkin and told them that I was lost.(language is a big problem there. They cudn’t understand wot I was talking nor could I understand theirs) Finally I had a map and showed him the Hotel on it. He accompanied me all the way to the Hotel as a pillion. When I tied to pay him for all he had done he refused to take even a penny. And our hotel was way far away almost on the other side. He walked all the way back at dawn!

    Sometimes, I feel that I am living in a wrong country. I love India but all these cops n politicians make my blood boil.

  3. Something very stupid happened with me in Airoli. At evening around 8:30PM I came out of apartment for buying something. I was in T-shirt and shorts. One MNS guy came to me and said that what are you wearing. You dont know yahan per Maa Behne rehti hai.

    Wht the efffffff…… he is in not saying anything to girl walking around in something looks like T-shirt….but he is saying to a guy…..

    He haddnt allow me to buy anything untill I went back to apartment and changed.

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