Kurbaan Movie Review

Well.. I am kind of back with the movie reviews, after a long time.. Well, hell with it.. let’s talk about the movie..

Just returned from the paid preview show.. was shocked to see the empty theatre, hardly 20 – 25% of the seats were taken.. but I don’t blame this on the movie, it was mainly because, no one knew, there are going to be preview shows too..

So.. what’s the movie about? Well, as you can see in the trailers, the movie revolves around the terrorists and a common man… how terrorists “use” a common man to achieve their goal..

Avantika (Kareena Kapoor), a professor in Delhi university falls in love with another professor, Ehsaan Khan (Saif Ali Khan), – or I should say, Ehsaan makes her fall in love with him -  they both move to New York (as she got a call back from the university she was teaching, she accepts the offer..), both enjoy their married life and live happily.. BUT, the movie doesn’t end here.. few things happening around her changes her whole life into hell.. What happened and how happened, is something for you to find out.. I aint gonna tell 🙂

The story is nothing great to be frank, the movie gets way too predictable in the end of the first half.. The movie also raised many questions.. I still couldn’t digest the fact of forgetting the number 911.. How can you not dial 911 when you are in trouble? (Yeah, even when you have access to the phone) Also, the journalist “hero”, instead of taking help of FBI, he tries to prove himself a real hero and joins terrorists to find out their mission and the plans.. and what was the end result? bloody blasts.. which could have been avoided if he would have acted smart.. actually, I should say, the movie guys wanted the character to act smart.. There were few more unanswered questions.. like what did Riyaz’s (Vivek Oberoi) dad meant to say in the beginning (there was no link of what he said at all), how did Ehsaan managed to get away so easily during the shootout (When his other partner shot at the police).. these are just few of them..

Now, on the acting front, Kareena Kapoor was the best.. she acted very well, Saif was pretty good too but nothing so impressive.. the worst part was, Vivek Oberoi.. guys.. why in the world you had to make him act “cute” and make him show off his funny “We are Americans” accent? It sucks big time.. Kirron Kher was pretty decent, Om Puri was normal.. rest of the actors did their job pretty good.. really loved Dia Mirza.. she is super cute and super HOT.. I don’t know how she manages to look cute and hot both at the same time.. haha (No, I am not going more into that)

On the music front, I really loved the music.. Salim Sulaiman did a very good job with the music.. specially Ali Maula & Rasiya…

On the direction front, Rensil D’silva was pretty much okay but the the sad part was, he let so many flaws to roam around.. I think the movie was bit lengthy, felt 2nd half was bit stretched..

So overall, the movie was strictly OK, very much low on the expectations, but you can surely watch it once in a theatre.. I would rate it [rating: 2.5/5]

On the box office front, I think it should atleast get the money back (by looking at the promotions)…


  1. about .. 911 .. a person like me can forget any number … i dont remember my own mobile phone number ..

    believe me .. thr r people who are bad with numbers…

  2. 911 is their common police helpline number.. (emergency number) like we have 100, they have 911, so not possible to forget 🙂

  3. No, I am not going more into that

    nahi to biwi maaregi, eh! 😛

    And 911 is not the police helpline but its the emergency number for anything – fire, police, medical, anything. We have different ones like 100 for police, 101 for fire & 102 for medical.

  4. @Amit – Yes, emergency number.. will correct the mistake 🙂

    @Debashish – 2012 was decent.. liked the graphics and all, few things were bollywood types but not a bad watch.. the Indian guy sucked big time..

  5. i wanted to post on the thank you megha post..but u have closed the comments .so i m writing here. how abt thanking my mum & dad to bring that genius on this earth…hahahhaha

  6. Jihad that Saif Ali khan talked about is totally different from the Terrorism that was seen in the film, why people use Islam in a bad way. it may seem some Muslims are understanding the religion in incorrect way, but this doesn’t mean that mean that indian actors and directors show this as an islamic thoughts, excuse me, people

  7. Yes, any actors or directers should not relate the negative way of some Muslims thinking to Islam. Before relating the root of Terrorism to islam through silly scenes of Kurbaan film and inconventient ways, please read and understand carefully about it to see the big conflict between Allah commands in Quran and what is going by some people saying that they saying that they are Muslim. Truely, There are killed muslims in some counytries by Americans, but they do not take revenge from innocent people in America by using Bomps or any kind of weapons. They can defend themselves against the one who trying to kill them not against their children or wives. got it

    please see this link
    if you want to be more convenient about what I’m saying.

  8. Mr. saif Ali Khan before talking about Jihad understand it well first. Mr, director of the film kurbaan, you might succeed in showing off how some people think and use Islam but you have not showed at the end or any scene of the film that Terrorism is not Jihad as Ehsaan Khan showed in the film and Terrorisim is not part of Islam ?????The best directors know the messages that they are sending to the people who see the film. Did you think what kind of message you send to people about Islam???

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