261108, 261109, 261110….

It started on 261108.. 60 hours of terror, Mumbai turned into a slaughter house with few kids roaming around with the guns in their hand, showering bullets like never before.. The government finally woke up from the sleep, policemen tried to handle the terror but they lost 3 important policemen in it, army, navy and NSG commandos handled the situation and made sure that people are safe.. the terror finally came to an end..

Mumbaikars started protesting.. they flooded Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Inboxes with 26/11 messages.. candles, peace march,  voting campaigns.. what not..

Kasab.. enjoys the free food…

The politicians, finally started appearing on the TV screens, started giving interviews.. started putting the hoardings, started making the promises.. the government changed the CM, Deputy CM and made sure that strict action will be taken against the terrorist, new defense team will be provided to Mumbai and other important cities..

Kasab.. enjoys the free food…

At this point, people still have 26/11 in mind, they are still busy with the voting campaigns..

Time for the elections… lowest voter turnout.. people preferred to enjoy the weekend holiday than voting.. the same government is back..

Kasab.. enjoys the free food…

People forget 26/11.. people are now more busy with Marathi, Bihari.. Maharashtra pride, Shivaji statue, Bombay – Mumbai…

Kasab.. enjoys the free food…

Time for the assembly elections.. again, this time too.. lower voter turnout.. the same government is back again.. the party which people hated most has is dancing in joy and proud..

No mention of 26/11 anywhere.. no progress report on steps taken to prevent such terror attacks again.. we are still busy with Marathi and Bihari issue..

Kasab.. enjoys the free food…

The 26/11 anniversary is just around the corner.. people start remembering the terror attacks suddenly.. the media is back in full swing.. political parties are back in action again.. police realize that the faulty bulletproof jacket which Hemant Karkare was wearing, is actually lost.. they lost it when he was being moved to the hospital.. (Very hard to digest though…)

Few companies and news channels have started making mockery of 26/11 by organizing some kind of so called “charity programs”…

And finally today, the first anniversary of 26/11 attacks.. let’s see what we have achieved so far..

  • Mumbai finally has a defense force.. Force One..
  • No one is still sure about the security of Malls and other public places.. it’s still VERY easy to fool them..
  • Our policemen still doesn’t have enough arms and ammunitions
  • Our policemen are still unfit and corrupt
  • Our policemen still can’t control local goons.. forget about the terror attacks..
  • Media is still using the same old line “Spirit of Mumbai"
  • Mumbaikar is still afraid of another 26/11..
  • AND Kasab is still enjoying his free food.. he is still laughing at our judiciary system..


  • The security at malls and public places is still the same…
  • Our policemen are still in the same condition..
  • Media is trying to find new ways to make money.. to get more eyeballs… Spirit of Mumbai is no more helping…
  • Mumbaikar is still the same.. afraid of the attacks, afraid of the politicians.. afraid of the policemen.. afraid of the whole bloody system..
  • But Kasab is still laughing and enjoying his free food..

And the cycle continues..


  1. Well written.

    Personally, I am very much against killing Qasab. Make him a sixer and make him work in worst condition all his life. I am sure Human Rights Activists will start their tamasha if that happens.

    But ignore them. Human Rights are for humans, not for devils. Let him see and feel what is hell. Too bad his partners in crime are either dead or roaming around freely in Papistan err .. Pakistan.

  2. Yes, I too want him to suffer the worst.. killing would give him a quick freedom and it is not what we want..

    The special treatment given to him should be stopped.. and government should act tough on him…

  3. he must be kept without food… in a dark room..
    no person talking to him … give him a tv that only shows people happy and enjoying outside…

    he will be frustrated enough….

    but what will we get ? … mental satisfaction that he is being punnished ?…

    his leaders… dont care about him.. they must have made 1000 other kasab’s by now .. and must be making some other mission to blow up some building and kill innocent people…

  4. Of course the execution will be a lighter punishment. But let us not forget Azhar Masood, Mushtaq Ahmed and Omar Saeed in Kandhar. After all we have the history of the great warriors like (Shivaji, Rana Pratap, Laxmibai) but we have forgotten to inherit the same.

    Let Kasab be executed. On the other hand I would advocate to kill him following the Shariat. Let the world see it like the execution of Saddam. Let each Pakistani witness our cruelty. If needs be, we can borrow the courage and bravery from Bahuchar Mata’s Disciples!!!! Let every Indian be ashamed of our impotence.

    Do not forget Afzal Guru too.


  5. What’s the point in making Kasab suffer, we gain nothing.. Instead our hard-earned money which we pay as taxes is being spent on his security. He is a victim too, fooled by his handlers across the border in the name of god. Not sympathizing with him.. Just get over him.. Hang him on the gateway of India.. Headlines on the media like Kasab wants biriyani / Kasab wants to tie rakhi.. is painful to read.. He’s sadly become the biggest hero almost like a celebrity.

    Personally back when the elections got over, I was disappointed that Congress won once again. Was much more painful when Vajapayee (who imo was the best PM of India ever) lost in 2003. But now with BJP as good as dead.. Not much hope left!

  6. Well, enough has been seen, enough has been said.. We just want our people to take action.. India come together only on 26/1, 15/7 and now 26/11 and rest other days we fight over some silly issues of this country. When truly we would be united, god only knows! We distributed our country into 26 states, then 28 and now they want that number to be taken beyond 30. I mean, if that is the case, when we will unite. We fight over our own people, differentiating our own people based on their caste and community. I mean, its really getting horrible. The more we want get to this country to work, the more we are getting deviated. We lack good leaders, though scenario is better than what it was a decade back but still we can do much much better. Well, I feel silly writing things here, who will read them and who is going to act. Even I am one of them, who just knows to blabber but as a person I really haven’t done anything for this country. I belive, the situations are very tough at the main stage but still we want to see some improvement, can be in bits and pieces but really India should act now. This is the time, we can’t be silent tigers all time.

  7. Kasab.. enjoys the free food…but u dont waste ur time on indian government…get back to ur desk and start doing some work…coz u have to pay for ur food….oh my god..that was a good one by…hahahaha

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