We the (divided) people..

This post is inspired by recent happenings related to Marathi Manoos floating around.. I know, there are so many people angry on all these senas and all.. but in this, not many us thought beyond Marathi Manoos issue..

My thoughts are mainly roaming around the political angle of all these recent happenings and trying to understand the Congress is playing very very smart political game here.. obviously there is nothing bad in it, afterall, everything is fair in love and war..

So how does this whole thing work? If you have noticed in this general elections, the Congress acted very differently from the earlier elections.. earlier, the party had to take the support of others to remain as the central government but this time if you see, they have made sure that at almost all the places they have the strong hold and they do not have to go begging for the seats.. so basically, they want to make a point that, in the whole India, Congress should not be depending upon anyone.. they are reaching out to poor people to get the votes.. You must have seen how Rahul Gandhi was visiting the small villages throughout the year..

Now, the game plan is, the opponent should be crushed and should not be able to stand on it’s own feet.. on the larger scale the opponent is BJP and the last election they made sure that, BJP is almost crushed.. and now they have stronghold in very few places… (Gujarat, Bihar [With JDU], Karnataka etc..), they managed to crush BJP/ Shiv Sena in Maharashtra too..

But still in Maharashtra, Bal Thackeray’s word holds more importance than any other political leader and that’s the fact.. so now how to break that?  Let’s start the divisional politics and bring in the personal wars in.. and then break the ice..

So what did they do.. In the first chapter, we saw MNS vs Shiv Sena.. they both started fighting to show the strength of each other, Congress watched the game quietly and laughed over it.. yeah, on the name of “taking action” they arrested MNS chief Raj Thackeray but we all know what happened to it.. so let’s keep that aside and stick to the main topic..

So, in the elections, you saw the votes getting divided, and it certainly helped Congress to win the seats very very comfortably..

But this did not affect the ties of BJP – Shiv Sena.. so now how to break that? But I think without pushing much, Congress just got what they were waiting for..

Marathi Manoos issue is back.. infact, back in full swing.. Senas targeting icons like Sachin Tendular, superstars like Shahrukh Khan, business tycoons like Ambanis.. Sena even threatens to stop screening of SRK starrer film, My Name is Khan.. BJP makes some statements which are not so in favor of Shiv Sena.. RSS makes statements which are again not in favor of Shiv Sena.. but what government is doing in this? Silent spectator..  Rahul Gandhi in Bihar, to get votes, makes some silly statements.. Shiv Sena strikes back on them in their own way.. Congress calls Shiv Sena leaders mental.. Shiv Sena sends notices to all theatre owners not to screen the movie.. Maharashtra government (kind of) tries to assures that no one can take law in their hands etc.. (Now that’s the different story that their statements do not carry much weight).. but in the middle of this, the war game does not stop.. sometimes it’s Shiv Sena or sometimes it’s MNS..

But if you notice.. Congress is not making any firm statements here.. they are letting these guys make the things worst, so people get angry and never bother voting these parties..

I am sure in all these things, a common man is least interested coz they are not bothered about what a superstar or a businessman is saying.. but after seeing these kind of acts by Senas I am sure, it’s hurting a common man somewhere and this is what helps the other parties.. the vote bank slowly moves towards the other party.. because Senas are not interested in development of Maharashtra, they are only interested in the communal fights between religions and languages.. (That’s what is being projected..)

So moral of the story.. at the cost of a common man’s sentiments, these political parties are playing games and dividing people.. I am sorry to say but we are divided.. we are moving backwards..

And yes, many people will say that, Congress is in power because it’s a good party and people have elected them.. my take is… people have elected them because they did not have any options..


  1. I feel ashamed to say that i am from Mumbai…. with no govt… or i can say it has gay govt…

    why did i say mumbai ? .. i better call it bombay.. because it was better when it was BOMBAY…

  2. u got the point deep. congress is smarter and baby congress(MNS) is also very smart.

    well yaar.. this megha seems very insecure and frustrated hahahaha… dont worry megha we r not under british rule ..

    actually there is no reason to get scare coz in Guj riots there wre thousands of innocents indians (muslims r also indians) got killed, delhi, mumbai etc blasts more indians got killed. and more than 50,000 indians got killed in Kashmir since 60 yrs.

    watch this documentary on youtube.

    i havent seen sena killed any non-marathi yet .. love the city and spirit of being mumbaikar someone like Shahid Tukaram Ombale who gifted nation 1 living evidence to world against pak.

    and Megha if u still feel ashamed of being from Mumbaikar then u can go back to Katch coz u and me cant change govt. lol hahahhaha

  3. well … we can if we want .. the problem is … talking positive is what people do .. even if one of these people comes and kick you out of Bombay …

    anyways different people different opinions…

  4. Well Megha..

    Every Indian got Voting rights. 1 vote by 1 person.

    dont forget Marathi’s got voting rights and they r using it very wisely.
    2-3 crore non-marathi or anti-mumbai, anit-thakrey, true indians etc wont make any difference.
    accept this fact. 9 crore marathi voters who decide not 2-3 crore.
    they r wise enough to choose congress. so thank god ;).

    if not congress govt.? then who BJP, Shiv Sena, or MNS ? or Some Lord Raam will appear for us .. to provide good Govt? in maharashtra 🙂

    and if u feel bad for being forced to say only one word MUMBAI. then u dont have right to force ur language or sign boards on majority population :).

    still in many Gujju societies Muslims are not allowed 🙂 is this ur defination of Democracy.

    Live in Real world Megha 🙂 Maharashtra got his own population since long before our gr8 grand dads birth 🙂 u cant come and force ur rule on them ..u cant change govt. coz u dont have voting rights.

    still 82% mumbai own by marathis 😉 so no Lord Krishna wont appear and ll change. coz 1 man got one 1 vote right haahahahahah … its the reality 😀

    and haa Mumbai is Official name 😀 all international officials calls it Mumbai. all news papers also all news channels too no Govt.(not even a person) got power to change back Chennai to Madras, Kolkatta to Calcutta 😉 so it wont make it Bombay officially hahhaha

    so accept the fact u can vote 10 crore times from each of maharashtra’s districts and cities. as Constitution dont allow other states to send POPULATION BOMBS on other states 😀 as everyone get money to develop their state and right to choose leader ship of state 😀

    u can use ur 1 vote wisely thats wat u can do… enjoy life … enjoy one more culture of india and language .. all the best. MUMBAI is still official NAME OF Bombay 😉 and appear on all offical documents lol..hahahaha

    enjoy life 😉 love all

  5. Paresh..

    Mumbai was in much better condition when it was Bombay.. I don’t think so changing the name made any difference to the city.. did it made it great or something? I don’t think so..

    I am also not sure if changing the airport names or station names made any difference? It simply gave satisfaction to the political leaders.. nothing else..

    Here are the replies to some of your points:

    and if u feel bad for being forced to say only one word MUMBAI. then u dont have right to force ur language or sign boards on majority population

    It’s just a personal opinion and having rights and not having rights, is nothing something an individual can decide.. 🙂

    still in many Gujju societies Muslims are not allowed 🙂 is this ur defination of Democracy.

    This is in general and is not restricted to gujju societies.. do report it to police if you notice any.. 🙂

    Live in Real world Megha 🙂 Maharashtra got his own population since long before our gr8 grand dads birth 🙂 u cant come and force ur rule on them ..u cant change govt. coz u dont have voting rights.

    still 82% mumbai own by marathis 😉 so no Lord Krishna wont appear and ll change. coz 1 man got one 1 vote right haahahahahah … its the reality

    Not sure where did that come from? Every state has got it’s own population, what’s there to question and discuss in that?

    Mumbai is not owned by any single person or any single community.. each and every Indian has got right over it and that’s what the constitution says.. and I don’t think any individual or any party has right to go against that..


  6. Hi Megha,

    How are you??? I read ur comments. I am bit confused these days. You know initially i used to think that sometime MNS or Shivsena plays political games..but then i observed some strange things in my office( reflect through ur comments also)…when we marathi people, in office discuss any thing in marathi…every one says please talk in hindi…they makes bad faces…i mean if they would have said talk in English then its really fine…but why to hate marathi?? Obviously its a marathi state as gujrat is state of gujrati people and punjab is state of punjabi people …(In south i dont understand much but they dont bother about hindi) i realized raj or ud(uddhav) are correct in their stands. No one(raj and ud) has said that non marathi people shuld go back to their state…(if news channel are to be believed then they play for pure TRP game) They just said that u come here (please have some limit for people coming in) work here. Make this state prosper..grow urself ( as everyone is growing {non marathi people easily get govt jobs here} ). If u dont know marathi it’s really ok. BUT!!! dont hate marathi..give some respect yaar. My austrelian boss Says Mumbai (though in different accent) but yea..why do u have problem in calling it??? Bombay (Angrez ruled our country…they made whatever for their comfort..i dont want to remember Vicotrias name again for god sake)..i hope u also respect Great Shivaji Maharaj..y u hv problem in calling CST?? please dont mind….but Narendra modi wins gujraat election Gujraat Pride..Gujraat Asmita…My poor cm even has no dare to say a word about marathi…{what we saw in taxi permits issue}…Poor guy he has to listen to Soniyaji After all..But u know I love marathi{ please respect.}…Congress has no right to win….raj gave them tough fight in the election he came second in Mumbai…although it was his first time..I hope shivsena and BJP wil join him and just crash congress next year…{soniya and rahul wins from Bareli hehehe…they should ashamed of thereselves that even ruling for fifty years people are going to other states…bloodyy politians}

  7. …Guys i ll cut it here….becaue we guy sit in AC and make this big statements without doing anything…just timepass or making money for the blog owners .. hehehe..Deep, Raj and Ud also has right to play political games…but at least they talk about Marathi the Mother Toungs(obvious my mother comes first and then my nation…i dont want to be unfair with my Mother Tounge After all. {No one speaks in Hindi in South..please someone tell them its a national language..Megha, If i tell to their police then i will get good marks on my *** hehehe}… ) Congress is a party with bad heart…God please tell them Work for people and not for Money…

  8. Hi Swapnil,

    I am doing good, hope you are doing good too 🙂

    About hating Marathi, I don’t think I hate Marathi, this is the local language we use to the local people right? There is nothing to hate in it..

    The point about talking in Marathi in your office is really shocking.. why do they have any problem with it? How does it matter? Did you try speaking to your boss and see what could be the issue? Personally, every person has right to speak in whatever language he is comfortable with it.. it does not matter if it’s Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, English or any other language..

    About Mumbai and Bombay thing, Yes, I prefer calling it Bombay than Mumbai because I like it.. and I think everyone has their personal choices right?

    About CST thing, I think you got me wrong in the previous comment.. my point was, changing the names of the station does not help in growth of the city.. and everybody in India respects Shivaji Maharaj and there is no 2nd thought in that..

    But politics on his name or Marathi Manoons’ name is not the right way..

    I hope this clears your misunderstanding 🙂


  9. Hey Swapnil,

    What’s up.. I am sure things are going on pretty well with you..

    The point of this post is to understand the whole political game.. Shiv Sena & MNS will end up fighting for the Marathi Manoos and being violent but Congress will take the votes by playing the smart game. .

    The point is, people should work towards the development of Maharashtra and not to stick to Marathi Manoos issue.. if they work towards the development, automatically Marathi people will get more jobs and will grow but fighting does not help anyone.. it simply creates the hatred in the people..

    Btw your office thing was really shocking.. not sure why people act so cheap..

    I would suggest, speak in Marathi itself, they don’t have any right to shut you up.. if they don’t understand, it’s none of your business, they should learn it if they want to understand..


  10. Megha,

    You have been pointless and just trying to make yourself clear, but you had forget your first statement “I feel ashamed to say that i am from Mumbai”.

    I really don’t feel there is any such big reason for you to feel ashamed of Mumbai, infact I will say you are lucky to be from Mumbai. Millions of people from other states are coming to Mumbai to change their life because this is the only city where any person can make money, even though he has no skills and can change their life. I think you should go to Patna and stay, hopefully you will not feel ashamed of that and will make a good life.

    Enjoy life, make your city pride.

    Cheers Now

  11. Mangesh, you are misinterpreting the statement, I have made few points clear in my above comments, you can take a look at the same if you wish.

    In short, being ashamed of Mumbai in related to many things like security amongst people, politics, hatred etc… the happenings of recent Sena – SRK episode is the best example..

    Did you check what Raj Thackeray said today, I actually totally agree with his statement, he mentioned that, why Sena is targeting only SRK, why not Big B where he is meeting Pakistani singers etc.. in Aman ki Asha thing..

    The point here is, politics is a game which a common man will never understand, we see what we are shown… but the reality is something else.. may be totally opposite of what we are seeing..

    I am proud of being in India or say Mumbai but I am very much ashamed by recent happening.. it’s high time that things should get under control..


  12. hi,
    I`m totally agree with you , you did a good and about saying the things which i think is now a common thing from every Marathi speaking people or all Maharashtrians. i also realized that this is now a common thing seen all every where in Maharashtra taht a large number of prple from all state of india. and all many people speaks hindi and also peple who where non-marathi living in the state didn`t know marathi and if they know a very few people speaks marathi.cause they people speak hindi & many peple such as gujrati,sindhi,punjabi and all others migrating people say the people to learn thier language. it`s how show that the migrating people do such with the language.

  13. hi,i’m tom born and bortup in mumbai.i use to be very proud 10 years ago becouse i’m from mumbai.and after 10 years i’m feeling very sad and angry becouse people fro mumbai they don’t respect each other now the just only hatting each other becouse of politics mean raj thakrey(mns)he messdup every marathi people’s mind and they like to fight with poor people in the train and on the road or street they swearing them laughing at them try to slap them and chuking them out from the train they behaving very bad with poor people who has no power to fight and talk they abusing them when they seen them success they are more jeolous.
    why they like to destroy mumbai becouse of lenguage i do read and wright marathi speacking as well but becouse of this hetterness i’m feeling to shame to live and do something in mumbai becouse people are not inteligent enough i’m talking about marathi people what they did in mumbai nuthing only one thing fight and bulling people!!!
    and other people. like from other states they are working hard and becoming succcessful.and marathi maanus like working only 4 days and day off 2 days top of that when you ask them why you taking day off,they start doing dadagiri baghto mi tula,or maara hyala.why you can’t live in piece and let other people live in piece as well.i hate all politician in india i’m honest everyone are same they can do anything becouse of vote.

  14. please be human we all are human and we should respect each other and love each other.
    i must say becoming people from mumbai. meaning marathi people are( resist.)
    i have marathi friends but they are useto be very nice but everything destroy now becouse of idiot raj thakrey.

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