MF Hussain and India

You must have noticed the name, MF Hussain, popping up on many news channels and sites these days. The reason? Because the guy got citizenship of Quatar.. So what? What we have to do with him.. well, according to some people.. it’s a matter of shame that India has not called him back to stay in India?

But why would India welcome him? Well, because in 90s, he had painted Hindu goddesses and mother India nude.. and he hurt sentiments of so many Hindus or I should say, Indians.. but that was just his freedom of expression and there was nothing wrong in it..

I am sorry, but I don’t buy the bullshit of freedom of expression. I am game for the freedom of speech or freedom of expression but not at the cost of hurting anyone’s sentiments.. what was the need to paint mother India or any goddess nude? What was he trying to achieve from it? I am really not sure about it..

And, if he actually feels it as a freedom of expression, then why can’t he try with prophet or any other Muslim gods?  Well, he won’t.. he wants to live in this world 🙂

I have noticed that Indian media is always most interested in bringing up anti-hindu issues.. they never show the stuff on Kashmiri Pandits or other issues where Hindus are being attacked (or got injustice..) We are shown only one side of the story..

I am actually very much afraid by this “political” side of these news channels.. (Specially the English ones), these guys have got lot of power in their hand.. and they are misusing it..

I have nothing against any religion but the news or anything should not be judgmental based on the religion.. it should be balanced..

And I am yet to see that day..

Update: Following videos which will throw some light on the issue… (Excuse the poor guy’s English)


  1. I know about his paintings. Frankly the paintings showing a woman copulating with an animal etc. are ok, its just artist’s imagination & its not that such paintings are new to us – the temples in Khajuraho are all adorned with such sculptures. But when he labels them with names of Hindu deities & shows his hypocrisy by painting such images only of Hindu deities while he shows respect to Mohammed etc. then that kinda becomes something which points towards his intentions that he’s targeting the sentiments of Hindus with his paintings & is being sacrilegious & no wonder it pissed people off so much that he had to flee as he knew that a court case wouldn’t be something in his favour & who knows some group might try to do him bodily harm.

    Had it been a Hindu who did all that then that wouldn’t have pissed people off that much but him being a Muslim & all made it an anti-Hindu sentiment & gave a golden opportunity to those groups who just want to fan the flames of communalism!!

    90+ years of age & still hasn’t gained wisdom nor has risen above such petty issues, its a pity!!

  2. Bcos of of these media ppl are major cocksuckers to parties like the BJP.

    IMHO, all religions are a waste of effin time!

  3. lol.. oky i don’t know much or lets say .. i don’t know anything about paintings and colours … but i didn’t like any of m.f husains paintings… i mean small kid can paint better then him .. pathetic paintings …

    why the hell people buy his paintings ? … i will call all of them brainless creatures to buy such stupid paintings and waste so much of money … lol

    i mean .. WHAT ? … WHY ? … why is he even painting ?…. somebody please go and tell him to stop painting….

    i cant stop laughing ..

    pathetic …

  4. i mean small kid can paint better then him .. pathetic paintings …

    why the hell people buy his paintings ? … i will call all of them brainless creatures to buy such stupid paintings and waste so much of money … lol

    That is why art is called subjective. What may look artistic to someone might look a load of crap to another person! 😉 AFAIK, art doesn’t have standard set rules about pricing like cars or groceries etc. If I paint something or if I take a photograph of something & sell it as art, I’m free to ask my price, whether other person is willing to pay for it or not is another matter. 🙂

    You can kind of take laptops for comparison. For example, both a Sony Vaio & a Dell might have same configuration as far as hardware is concerned, they both might look pretty as well but Vaio can have a higher price tag than Dell. Some people might consider Vaio to be more good looking while some might consider Dell having uber looks! This is ofcourse not how things would equate when considering art but just trying to convey why prices are so ridiculous on art objects. 🙂

    Btw, I don’t like any of his paintings as well. Some might say I don’t possess the “eye” to appreciate them, eh! 😉

  5. Just a few questions to Mr. M. F. Hussain and his supporters.

    Will that man ever paint his mother / wife / daughter in nude?

    What if someone paints them that way? Will he still say its “Freedom of Expression”?

    Why is he running away from Indian law? He is staying out of India to avoid arrest! Cases have been filed against him in different courts in India and that is why he is running away.

    He has got perfect initials. MF
    India is his mother country and he is a mother f….

  6. This is exactly what I commented to Shobha De’s article blaming India for letting go such a great artist. He is a fugitive and a pervert. I feel sorry for loosing him, as he should have been tried in the court of law here.

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