Apple vs Android?

I have been watching this Apple vs Android arguments since quite sometime.. and today was the day when I actually got pissed off and decided to note down few things.. I am really not sure what runs into the mind of Apple or Android Fanboys but let me tell you what runs in my mind and this might openup the minds of many fanboys or Apple haters with half knowledge about the product. Continue reading



Setup Messenger Server on your Intranet (LAN) at free of cost

I have been hunting for a robust LAN (Intranet) Messenger software for quite sometime. I even tried few messengers, bought a better one (Outlook Messenger) for 25 users but I was still not happy with the performance.

Recently, I came across open source messenger server called OpenFire. It’s basically based on Jabber (XMPP) server and provides web interface to handle the server and various settings…

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Connecting HD TV STB to your HD Monitor

I have been using Tata Sky DTH at my home and connected to the Monitor using external TV Tuner Box. Frankly speaking, I am not at all happy with the quality of sound and whole bunch of wires. So, when I was planning to get DTH connection for my office, I was specifically looking for something which will give me good quality Audio / Video with very few wired connections. Continue reading