So What Do I Call Myself?

So.. you have just started your business and looking for a cool title for yourself and you decide to print your cards with the title CEO or say COO or even CTO.. sounds cool right? Yeah, it sounds cool but how logical is it? Do you actually need an officer level title for a sole proprietorship company? or for that matter even for a partnership firm? (Without any board of directors). Continue reading



Check Tax Statements & Refunds Online

For the past few days, I have been fighting with finding the status of my Income Tax Refunds and checking status of TDS (Tax Deducted at Source). Actually, one of my clients’ deducted TDS and shut down his company without providing TDS certificates to us, so I was worried on the status of the tax deducted by them.

Thankfully, Tax Information Network website came handy.

So, now the question is, how do we check our Tax Statements? Continue reading



Connecting HD TV STB to your HD Monitor

I have been using Tata Sky DTH at my home and connected to the Monitor using external TV Tuner Box. Frankly speaking, I am not at all happy with the quality of sound and whole bunch of wires. So, when I was planning to get DTH connection for my office, I was specifically looking for something which will give me good quality Audio / Video with very few wired connections. Continue reading



Getting Microsoft Lifecam VX-1000 working on Ubuntu & Skype

Few days back, I switched my desktop’s OS from Windows to Ubuntu 10.04 and I have been trying to get everything working smoothly as it used to work in Windows. Managed to sort out few things but my webcam become a big pain. Skype never detected the cam and even the cam’s mic did not work.

I googled around for quite sometime, checked many solutions and finally I managed to get things working.

So, here is the solution: Continue reading



Rewarding Employees

I have been toying around with the ideas of rewarding employees in some kind of fair and transparent way. I am not sure if people already use this method or not, I don’t think it’s any kind of rocket science either but it will surely be helpful to everyone here. Specially the HR, management guys and entrepreneurs.

I call this system a “Point Based Reward System”. I have assigned points to various tasks and each employee should achieve certain level of point slab to get the rewards.

Here is the table with break up of the points: Continue reading