Project Documentation for Dummies

Project Documentation? Aah, that’s a tedious, painful task. These were the exact words in my mind, whenever there was any discussion about it. And sadly, the situation is still the same haha.

There are always 2 sides of a coin. Same applies to getting organized too. The good side makes you document things so it helps you in future, the bad part is, “you” have to do this job.

Frankly speaking, we were totally messed up when we started. Things were moving smoothly as we had a small team but as we started growing, we realized that we were missing many important documents. The missing documents were making our life miserable as we had to spend lot of time explaining the new guys about the on going project and tasks.

We had things in place but everything was scattered. I knew that we badly needed to get organized but I was staying away from making lengthy documents with too much information. Everything was so complicated.

I decided to prepare a set of documents which will be simple and serve the purpose too. Obviously, there is no rocket science in this. It’s basically set of documents created based on what I have read and understood by going through many project documents.

Let’s talk about the project documentation for dummies.

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Busy Busy & Lazy

The time flies really quickly. The days are passing by in blink of an eye. I always think of posting on the blog but end up posting on Twitter. So, this way, the blog never gets updated and all my thoughts get limited to 140 characters.

The days are passing by really smoothly. Returned from 10 day holiday around 15 odd days back. Enjoyed in Darjeeling, Pelling & Gangtok. (I had gone there in 2008 too). Parents and relatives are dancing on the head with great hope of Megha having a baby but this is not the right time. I keep telling them the same thing and they keep asking me the same thing. So, I guess, this is never gonna end.. or atleast it’s going to be a constant affair for next 2-3 years.

The work is keeping me really busy, the mind has become more like warehouse of ideas, the sad part is, the lock of this warehouse hardly opens. But I am not losing hope, I am definitely going to implement some of the ideas soon.

Technology wise, I think, I am in the best period where I have enough people now, who can work the way I want and implement the stuff exactly I want. Toying with few new ideas for BiteBank. The next few months are going to be really exciting in terms of technology. Working under “corporate” environment is slightly different. Few good and few bad experiences but great amount of learning.

Actually, I am game for the criticism and learning. That’s how we improve right?

Nothing much to talk apart from work. Just changed blog’s theme. This one looks really neat. Responsive design. HTML5 / CSS3 stuff. Also, got rid of crappy old About page and rewrote it with updated information.

That’s it for now. Will post more later.



30 Years & another 7 Years

Well.. it’s about the birthday.. No, I have not turned 37 yet lol…

Completed 30 years yesterday and my company Web1 completed 7. Not bad I guess.

This one is going to be a real quick post as I am leaving for Matheran in next few minutes and just realized that I totally forgot to post about my birthday on the blog. Really bad of me, I have started giving high importance to Twitter these days.

Gifts? haha yeah, I love to collect gifts (who hates though).. got truck load of clothes from Sister and Wife. I gifted myself iPhone 4S. Wife gifted me (again) a bottle of really nice perfume, loved it. Sister in law gifted me a cool Swatch watch.

I wanted to gift myself a Apple’s 27″ Thunderbolt Display but the new ones have not arrived in India yet, so I kind of saved money there. But that’s fine. I am gonna buy it soon. Frankly speaking, I have zillions of things in mind, when it comes to spending money on myself but sadly, I don’t have zillions of rupees in my account. I wish I had though haha

So Web1’s birthday.. 7 years.. feels good.. again.. like always, bumpy ride but I am quite happy with it. I can never be satisfied though but happy for sure.

I guess, time to move now.. people waiting for me outside..